Future of Interaction Ministries

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Future of Interaction Ministries by Mind Map: Future of Interaction Ministries

1. "Special" Café Nights, larger outreach + joint events

2. DD or Int. Café

2.1. Discussion Dinner

2.1.1. 2-3 Christian students working, meeting, organizing with church

2.1.2. 1 volunteer to mentor students, keep church involved

2.1.3. relationships w/ main volunteer (people from church)

2.1.4. 25-30 students

2.1.5. meals

2.1.6. Functions as a Hub Training / Apprenticeship for other IDD's Topics produced tested Discipling + sending out to start new groups Hosting larger events here Point person with overview, admin directing contacts, providing info Strong core team leading, connecting, supporting other groups Resources, package, how to start... Team member working directly w/ German SMD or visa versa

2.2. Int. Café

2.2.1. 40-50 per week

2.2.2. Drinks + snacks verses

2.2.3. Focus on language + culture 1 volunteer responsible for bible study games for fun, games for learning English room, German room... mixed room

2.2.4. Functions as a Hub First point of contact for Christians + Non-Christians Christians get connected in German SMD Non Christians could got to D.D. for more community Bible study that is offered could be Beginners Bible Study for other groups Café volunteer mentoring students, also those from the I.D.D

2.2.5. 3-4 volunteers from Lukas + 1 student

3. Community

3.1. I.K.Bible Study

3.2. Smaller, more intense

4. Comm./Event

4.1. I.D.D

4.1.1. chill + easy entry

4.1.2. Some Bible infused

5. Café

5.1. Language

5.2. Cultural Presentations

5.3. Games