You're a journalist : The death of King George V

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You're a journalist : The death of King George V by Mind Map: You're a journalist : The death of King George V

1. Genealogy

1.1. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's grandson

1.2. Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark's son

1.3. Edward VIII and George VI's father

1.4. Elisabeth's grandfather

2. Headline

2.1. His Majesty King George V is dead

3. Reign

3.1. from 1910 to 1936 --> 26 years

4. Accomplishments as a king

4.1. WWI

4.1.1. Supported the troops, visiting the front and military hospitals

4.2. World economic crisis

4.2.1. 1931 Encouraged the formation of a National Government led by MacDonald and Baldwin

4.2.2. Volunteered to reduce the civil list to help balance the budget Civil list = a list of individuals to whom money is paid by the government

5. Hobby

5.1. Liked collecting stamps (=philately)

6. Funeral

6.1. 28th January 1936

6.2. St George's Chapel

6.3. Attendants

6.3.1. Family Queen Mary Edward VIII Duke of York (Prince Albert, later George VI) Duke of Kent (Prince George) Duke of Gloucester (Prince Henry) Queen Maud of Norway (his sister)

6.3.2. Heads of state King Boris of Bulgaria President Albert Lebrun of France Prince Starhemberg of Austria Crown Prince Umberto of Italy Crown Prince Leopold (King Leopold) of Belgium

7. Death

7.1. 20th January 1936

7.2. Sandringham Castle

7.3. Body brought back to London in train

8. Successor

8.1. Edward VIII

8.1.1. Not a surprise as he's George V's eldest child