Research Proposal Mind Map Project 6

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Research Proposal Mind Map Project 6 by Mind Map: Research Proposal Mind Map Project 6

1. Client: WeWork

1.1. Brand

1.1.1. Image Quite trendy, up and coming, taking the office into a new direction. Making the office more of place that people want to spend time.

1.1.2. Logo

1.1.3. Colour

1.1.4. Typography

1.2. Ethos

1.2.1. WeWork Mission Statement "How will your designs create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living?" Homelike

1.2.2. Values & Inspiration Looking forward to Monday. Less of a chore.

1.2.3. Priority is use of natural light, comfort and inspiration.

1.2.4. Not just coffee but yoga.

1.2.5. Not just printers but art installations.

1.2.6. Refreshing design

1.2.7. "Where Businesses Thrive. Whether you need a desk, office suite or entire HQ, we create environments that increase productivity, innovation and collaboration."

1.3. Target Market

1.3.1. Business entrepreneurs through to businesses wanting a more beautiful, comfortable, collaborating environment to increase productivity, focus and creativity.

1.3.2. Members 210,000 members in the global network Access to networking advice and opportunities in your 'hood' or across the planet

1.4. Competitors


1.4.2. Woman only.


1.5. Budget

1.5.1. Established in 2010 and globally available, this is a successful business whereby the interior is key. I believe the budget will be flexible depending on location.

1.6. Consumer

1.6.1. Gender Everyone

1.6.2. Age Any age.

1.6.3. Race Any race.

1.6.4. Income From indépendent entrepreneurs to officers with 100 employees therefore a wide range of incomes that would be considered in the type of arrangement they select.

1.6.5. Marital Status Not applicable.

1.7. Productivity

1.7.1. Brainstorming rooms Terraces Phonebooths

1.8. Creativity

1.9. Human Interaction

1.10. Started in 2010 provide office space for entrepreneurs and small businesses

1.10.1. Independants

1.10.2. companies

2. Location: Greenwich

2.1. Demographics

2.1.1. Greenwich West which includes the famous park, Cutty Sark and markets. 2011 Census 16,527 residents Average age of resident 32.8 years 30.2% of residents are between 30-44 years 56.6% are single 29.3% are married 57.7% are religious 52.7% do not own a car 62.2% are employed Multicultural Tourists Chinese Americans Japanese Europeans Australians

2.1.2. Lifestyle Relaxing Keeping fit Having fun Meeting up Sunday

2.1.3. Royal Borough

2.1.4. Transport Links Overhead Train 11 minutes London Bridge Tube 2 minutes Canary Wharf 19 minutes Charing Cross DLR 29 minutes City Airport Buses Riverboat Emirate Air line

2.2. Design to be developed from the culture of the area.

2.2.1. Neighbourhood Multicultural Near Blackheath, Lewisham, New Cross, Woolwich.

2.2.2. History The Cutty Sark The London Marathon Birthplace of Henry V111

2.2.3. Nature Greenwich Park Children Scooters Dogs Picnics Running Trees and beautiful views across London Famous film location

2.2.4. Street Art

2.2.5. Buildings National Maritime Museum The Queens House Inigo Jones The Royal Naval College Sir Christopher Wren The Royal Observatory

2.2.6. Quirks Photography Markets Cobbled Streets

2.2.7. Characteristics Street food Gay pubs Theatre Riverbus Thames Comedy Club Cinema Restaurants Jamies Shopping M&S Oliver Bonas Nautical Markets Second hand shops Fashion Art Maps

3. Office

3.1. Design

3.1.1. Trend

3.1.2. Regulatory Building Regulations Fire Exits Emergency exit can be moved anywhere unto structural column. All functions should be wheelchair accessible.

3.1.3. Durability & High Traffic Areas Longevity

3.1.4. Maintenance & Cleaning

3.1.5. Fabrics & Materials Comfort Cleaning Durability Building Regulations Fire rating

3.1.6. Lighting Natural Light A priority General Light Mood Lighting Task Lighting Guide Lighting ie signs & direction Accent Lighting Controls

3.1.7. Privacy & Security Windows cannot be opened. Distinguish private and public areas.

3.1.8. Layout Common Spaces Staffed coffee shop with break out lounge area. Stocked kitchen with fridges and microwaves. Group working area. Storage Recycling points Reception 2 members of staff + accompanying visitor waiting area Main entrance can be moved but cannot be changed in size. Meeting Rooms 1 enclosed meeting room for up to 10 people. 5 flexible meeting room spaces for up to 6 people Senior Staff Rooms/Areas Exterior Cannot be changed. Ground Floor Needs to be innovative Existing floor concrete screed. Ceiling cannot be cut. Structural pillars cannot be altered. Mezzanine Stair to Mezzanine can be moved. Space under mezzanine cannot be used.

3.1.9. Signage

3.1.10. Function Flexibility Storage Different methods of working and relaxing.

3.1.11. Services Can be located anywhere within site.

3.1.12. Cables & Airconditioning etc Include ventilation, pipework and light fillings into overall ceiling height.

3.1.13. Ergonomics & Anthropometrics

3.1.14. IT Printers Printing nook with office supplies and paper shredder. Computers Telecommunications Facilities such as phone booths Fax Machines Servers

3.1.15. Acoustics

3.1.16. Washrooms Appropriate number of toilets and showers.

3.1.17. Work Space Seating Partitioning

3.1.18. Developed from the culture of the area

3.1.19. Flexibility

3.1.20. Align with WeWork values Do not copy existing designs but be inspired by existing offices.

3.2. Specialist Service