Matthew Keisoglu

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Matthew Keisoglu by Mind Map: Matthew Keisoglu

1. Competitiveness

1.1. competitive environment in the film industry

1.1.1. "on one part it is the most competitive thing someone will ever do,But on another page, we remember that we’re doing this out of our own wants and we really enjoy what we do"

2. Marketing

2.1. Facebook

2.1.1. promotion payments - endorses views to a particular channel

2.2. Instagram

2.3. Youtube

3. Funding

3.1. Patreon

3.1.1. Crowdfunding - patrons sign up to fund a project out of interest, no regaining of monetary value, purely charity

3.2. Bootstrapping

3.2.1. acquiring of funds from family and friends to fund equipment and software

4. ego

4.1. controlling the business as a whole

4.1.1. realises that collaboration between partners is necessary for a strong business to maintain it's position in the industry.

5. Risks

5.1. financial

5.1.1. "Another part of having risk in the business that became apparent to me recently was insurance and equipment maintenance"

5.2. family/social

5.2.1. believes that if financial risk is realised then family and career risk will fall through along with it

6. Entrepreneurial characteristics

6.1. outgoing

6.2. trustworhty

6.3. honest