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eLearning by Mind Map: eLearning

1. Creating multiple ways for students to demonstrate their knowledge

2. Providing timely and constructive feedback

3. Communicating clear expectations

4. Determining essential components of a course

5. Creating welcoming classrooms

6. Analysis

6.1. needs analysis

6.2. task analysis

6.3. analysis of learners

6.4. analysis of learners

7. Implementation

8. Design

8.1. 5 stage model for designing online and blended courses: 1.Access to learning environment and motivation 2.Online socialization and culture building 3.Information exchange 4.Knowledge construction, with more complex activities 5.Development (includes reflection and assessment of learning)

9. Development

9.1. Developing reusable learning objects

9.2. Reduce cognitive load

10. Evaluation

10.1. 1.Course Overview and Introduction 2.Learning Objectives (Competencies) 3.Assessment and Measurement 4.Instructional Materials 5.Course Activities and Learner Interaction 6.Course Technology 7.Learner Support 8.Accessibility and Usability