Community Facilitator Role

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Community Facilitator Role by Mind Map: Community Facilitator Role

1. Offline Community

1.1. Schumacher College

1.1.1. Comms (Andrea and Annie)

1.1.2. Dartington Hall Trust (DHT)

1.1.3. Staff, volunteers, growers, lecturers, facilitators

1.2. Alumni

1.3. Crowdfunders

1.4. All users

1.5. Schumacher Worldwide Groups

1.5.1. SNP Core Group Jon Julie Mar Laura Ed

1.5.2. SNP Production Group Laura (Dev) Mar (Facilitation) Ed (Producer/PM)

1.5.3. Unfound Accelerator Group

1.5.4. Schumacher Commons Group

1.5.5. Schumacher Network Co-ordinating Group

1.5.6. Patricia, Jon, Julie, Phoebe, Luzette, Mar, Mothiur Group

2. Online Facilitation

2.1. Platform (Editorial)

2.1.1. Blog Posts Make sense of a conversation e.g. recommendations made - repurpose & make useful Use blog engine to help digest e.g. monthly blog post 100ppl joined from Brazil Use as outreach to wider Schumacher College e.g. write blogpost to encouraging others to join it

2.1.2. Guidelines & Rules

2.1.3. Terms & Conditions

2.1.4. Emails Edit the standard emails Write out welcome email Templates

2.1.5. Crowdfunder & Thank you page

2.1.6. Take care of site Sign posting blocks Create promotional pages

2.2. Managing

2.2.1. Analytics What would success look like ? e.g. members, countries, posts, likes, follow e.g. People visit BUT don't register - why ? e.g. groups set up and not used ? Thermometer : figures, give a sense of how well you are doing

2.2.2. User Accounts No SPAM accounts

2.2.3. Spam

2.2.4. Feature Requests Keep track of these

2.3. Hosting

2.3.1. Welcome

2.3.2. Greeting

2.3.3. Listening

2.3.4. Support with Technology

2.4. Moderating

2.4.1. Conflicts Difficult & oppressive behaviour type Community guidelines : do we have gaps ? Process for these

2.4.2. Conversation "gardening"

3. Online Outreach

3.1. Communications with Schumacher College Comms and marketing

3.2. Viral marketing

3.3. Public blog posting with community updates