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SVA Media Literacy & Communications Planning by Mind Map: SVA Media Literacy & Communications Planning
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SVA Media Literacy & Communications Planning

SVA Websites

Public Website

Class Websites

not uniform.  linked under "student resources" on

Staff Portal


not built yet


All teachers have logged in and have had PD as of 1.25.12.

Other Software Tools Being Used

Google Forms

Google Presentations

Screencapture: Jing


iMovie bookmarking and annotating

Blogger school blog (coming soon?)



Smart Notebook Software (for SMART Boards)

See the Digital Media Support Site for a list of 21 more tools!

Tech Support & Management Strategies (William's Domain)

SVA personnel devoted to this

acknowledge limitations of technology

teacher maintenance roles & team-approach


student tech leaders in each class

issues to tackle in 2012-13

Google Apps Planning: Staff/Student Accounts, Shared Documents, Class Websites, etc.

Google Docs: all student word processing 6-8

Would require the staff getting on board and establishing this as a routine. Could stagger the starting of this by grade to keep it manageable. Big question is access to the computers.

Student Portfolios in Apps (pilots in 2012-13?)

Google Sites: Class Websites; School Website (est 2010-12) (see SVA Websites Above)

Google Docs SVA Shared Collections Matrix (est. 2011-12)

Google+ 2012-13?: Social Network Connected to Student Accounts

Intro to Apps PD Agenda from 9.2.11

8:30-4pm on Tues. 8.30.11 8hrs total (minus lunch hr) 30 mins tech setup, 3hrs morning, 1hr Lunch, 3hrs afternoon, 30mins tech breakdown approx. 30 teachers Start with Data (Cabrera) Curriculum Design (Cabrera/Rhys/Rosenberg) Best Digital Practices (Rhys)

Google Apps & Gmail Communication (Martinez's Domain)

Martinez will manage student & staff accounts (with turnkeying from Domingo & Rhys)

Domingo has managed Groups - change to Martinez

separate core staff from external staff

teachers should know about sharing groups

teachers should learn to share with all staff vs. specific collaborators & students

Student Goals 2012-13 (needs more input)

Students: Digital Citizenship Contract

Google Docs for all Word Processing & Portfolio 6-8

Skills: exposure to typing, word processing, web research & multimedia production basics

Integrated production demonstrating performance-based tasks (starting with grade 8 Lopez/? connection)

Can we attack this through collaborative planning with Lopez?

Staff Goals 2012-13 (needs more input)

Managing Portfolios

Prep for QR

Assessments (& Evaluation of Assessments)

Evaluating Team Collaboration Efficiency

iZone Future State design goals

Rhys' Consulting Agendas 2012-13 (10 Days)

QR Matrix Prep & Google Apps Review (1-2 Days)

Mapping the Assessment Culture: Creating a Matrix of Team Preparedness (4 days)

Documenting PBAs that are Common Core aligned

Potential Partners to Collaborate With

Inquiry Team: Defining, Consolidating & Documenting Blended Learning Practices (4 days + time built in to other days)

Media Literacy Overview