Searching Skills - not ready yet!

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Searching Skills - not ready yet! by Mind Map: Searching Skills - not ready yet!

1. Chrome

1.1. Configure Chrome's Searchbar

1.2. Search Extensions

2. Google's Searchtool

2.1. Image Search

2.2. Google's Advanced Search

3. Places to search in

3.1. Youtube

3.1.1. Sort by upload date

3.1.2. Youtube's advanced search

3.2. Utilizing Patenets

3.3. Keywords

3.3.1. how would the internet call it?\

4. Page History: Wayback Machine

5. Finding Tools

6. Use Guides

6.1. Learning Sites

7. Use Specific Search Engines

7.1. People

8. Fighting Unreliable Sources

8.1. Wisdom of the Crowd: Only when it is smart and ideas are independent

8.2. Unqualifying attributes

8.3. Qualifying Resources

8.4. Full pic: the best way to show that people know: Comprehensive... principles of... guide...

9. More

9.1. Blog