Leadership Values & Behaviours

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Leadership Values & Behaviours by Mind Map: Leadership Values  &  Behaviours

1. Literature Review

1.1. Introduction. 1.EQ Goleman's Theory - the dark side of EQ 2. CQ. Livemore, Lewi's Triangle 3. Leadership.

1.2. Define EQ and CQ - what are they? what the distinction? what I know about EQ and is there an issue? critique?

1.2.1. highlight the reader how you know you know talk about self awareness - DISC - tak about the initial disc report.

1.3. how the definition of CQ and EQ links to leadership?

1.3.1. what/why lower EQ might be a good thing.

1.3.2. what happens if much EQ happens

1.3.3. Critique - manipulation using culture... not always a positive ciritique.

1.4. Conclude the lit review w/Lit review summary

1.5. EQ and CQ - Compare contrast and Critique

2. Methodology

2.1. Talk about the approach taken to design the report

2.2. DISC surveys - EQ test - and local Survey

2.3. Introduce the objectives - research objective

3. Introduction

3.1. Identify self behaviours and values and the impact of these have on my levels of emotional and cultural intelligence, in general and then specifically in the context of leadership.

3.2. Critically evaluate, evidence and communicate self development and personal progression over time.

3.3. Identify & set objectives

3.3.1. Define emotional and cultural intelligence, iunderstanding the difference between these concepts and how this can be demonstrated in a leadership role

3.3.2. Understand my current leadership style and capacity and how this may be affected by my level of emotional and cultural intelligence

3.3.3. Self reflection - critically analyse how i have demonstrated progress in EI or CI as a leader over last 12 months.

4. Findings & Analysis

4.1. Compare and Contrast Disc Reports (1,2)

4.2. What's been found out around CQ and EQ in the reports and what improvement suggestions?

4.3. comparing both results how I changed as a leader? bring in the survey and see what was the outcome of that?

5. Recommendations

5.1. Recall the objective

5.2. look at what needs improvement - put them in a table format and be specifics - with dates and priorities.

6. Background

6.1. talk about who you are and what role I'm playing in the organisation, talk about the team.

6.2. Touch upon general knowledge base about EQ and IQ - when I heard it and what it meant to me?

7. Conclusions

7.1. Start with the objectives.

7.2. what was the objective and how it was covered. Key learning and findings