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My Roles by Mind Map: My Roles

1. Project Manager

1.1. risk analysis

1.2. product decomposition to modules and delegation to particular teams and people

1.3. task prioritization

1.4. continuous improvement of development processes (development flows, bug fix flows, issue investigation flows)

1.5. demonstration of working solutions, MVPs and prototypes to client

1.6. reporting about progress of sprints and products

1.7. communication with client (external clients, engagement team)

1.8. conflict solving in the team

1.9. team motivation and happiness

1.10. tracking a progress of each team member

2. Team Lead

2.1. technical documentation

2.2. decision about used technologies

2.3. product architecture

2.4. R&D

2.5. code review

2.6. mentoring of developers, QAs and DevOps guys

2.7. technical interview with new guys

2.8. integration and education of the new guys

2.9. responsibility for technical solutions of the project

2.10. estimation, distribution and delegation of the tasks

2.11. lead of all the team members

2.12. setup the goals and/or education plans for devs and QAs

3. Software Architect

3.1. system design based on client's requirements

3.2. product architecture and evolution

3.3. switching to new technologies and migration plans for these processes

3.4. decision about the way of communication between modules

3.5. security review of the business logic

3.6. design of an interfaces and components of the application

3.7. decision about frameworks and libraries that should be used

3.8. analisys and solving of performance issues

3.9. architecture review of the business requirements

3.10. code review and refactoring of huge changes

3.11. documentation of system architecture

3.12. coordination of product architecture during the all life cycle

3.13. consultation of devs, QAs and DevOps

3.14. technical expertise of in all the projects and used 3rd parties

4. Product Manager

4.1. user story creation backlog prioritisation

4.2. collaboration with client, work on requirements and client's wishes

4.3. feature specification creation

4.4. product road map creation

4.5. maintaining the product vision for team members

5. Software Developer

5.1. contribution to the components according to specification

5.2. issue investigation and fixing

5.3. and other dev's responsibilities