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Manipulation by Mind Map: Manipulation

1. Ender is manipulated by the mind game

1.1. Ender wouldn't have felt so bad for the buggers if it weren't for the mind game

1.2. In the novel Ender sees himself as Ender everytime he kills the giant and gets worried that he is turning into Peter. While in the film Ender doesn't seem to get disturbed by killing the giant and moves on very quickly

2. Peter and Valentine manipulate countless people verbally

2.1. They both spread their thoughts and try to manipulate the world

2.2. Many people believe in what they say and support some of their thoughts

2.3. Both Peter and Valentines thoughts to manipulate the world were not in the film and were only in the novel.

3. Teachers manipulate Ender

3.1. Ender is isolated from the others so that he can learn by himself and doesn't rely on others. This prepares him to be a commander but it's very unfair. In the novel he is hated by the others for long periods of time but in the film Ender seems to make friends really fast and doesn't get put a side that much.

3.2. Near the end, Ender decides that he wants to resolve the conflict with the buggers but the elders manipulate him into thinking its a game and resulting in Ender defeating their whole species. The film and novel both demonstrate this well but in the movie the close up really showed his expression.

4. Graff manipulates Ender

4.1. In the film Ender realizes it's his destiny to join the international fleet and he notices hes a burden

4.2. In the novel Graff makes Ender believe he is a burden to his family in order to make him join the international fleet

5. The video manipulates people

5.1. A video shown to students of how the buggers were defeated by the astronauts makes people believe that the astronauts are stronger than the buggers, in the film it displays the video but in the film Ender and everyone else don't see the video but already know about this.

5.2. The video gives people hope that the astronauts are stronger and that they will obviously win but the truth is that it was all thanks to Mazer Rackham