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E-mail campaign by Mind Map: E-mail campaign

1. Strategic Planning

1.1. Plan Around the goals you want to achieve

1.2. Decide the key points you want to address: Newsletter or Promotional

1.2.1. Newsletters have and immediate goal

1.2.2. Newsletters establish a long term goal

2. Definition of lists

2.1. Creating and maintaing a database the more information the better, but for starters just the email works

2.2. Use interactions to ask permission to send emails

3. Creative execution

3.1. Relevant and valuable content is need to successfully create a email campaign

3.2. Valuable information define successful email campaigns

3.2.1. Newsletters can include humor, research, informations and eve promotions

4. Integration of campaign with other channels

4.1. Email marketing can stand alone however integrating it with other channels will reinforce the message and increase responses

4.2. The emails should go hand in hand with the companies offerings such as the tone, content and design of the email

5. Personalization of the message

5.1. Simple personalization of emails can improve results

5.2. By gathering information from users and storing it in databases allows a company to create more of a personalized email

6. Deployment

6.1. Emails should be delivered at consistent times

6.1.1. Delivery times should be tested to find the optimum time

6.2. Email reputation can determine whether an email is regarded as spam

6.2.1. To keep a good reputation keep your database up to date. Respond to complaints and take users of the email list if asked to do so.

7. Interaction handling

7.1. When participating in email campaign you should consider interaction emails

7.1.1. Order confirmation

7.1.2. Out of office emails

7.2. Interaction emails can also be used to cross advertise products or sevices