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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Formative

1.1. Definition: Provide ongoing feedback on student progress and monitor or possibly adjust instruction.

1.1.1. Example: Write a few sentences about your understanding of a lesson.

1.1.2. Example: Quiz or exit ticket

2. Diagnostic

2.1. Definition: A pre-assessment that allows a teacher to determine student strengths, weaknesses and guide instruction.

2.1.1. Example: Informal assessment for differentiated instruction (students who have already mastered instruction can do something else to add on to current knowledge).

2.1.2. Example: Baseline for unit assessment (pre vs. post)

3. Performance

3.1. Definition: An alternative assessment where the student performs a task instead of selecting a single answer.

3.1.1. Example: individual or group projects

3.1.2. Example: Journals or logs.

4. Summative

4.1. Definition: High stakes evaluation of learning at the end of a unit or learning term by comparing it to a standard or benchmark.

4.1.1. Example: Midterm or Final

4.1.2. Example: Benchmark or STAAR

5. Interim/Benchmark

5.1. Definition: Formal, interim testing sometimes done by the district. Little to no student feedback.

5.1.1. Example: District benchmarks every 3 months.

5.1.2. Example: Chapter tests

6. HOT Questions

6.1. Opening questions

6.1.1. Name three things that the Earth and the Moon have in common.

6.1.2. Explain the difference between rotation and revolution.

6.2. Guiding questions

6.2.1. Explain why the sun appears to move across the sky.

6.2.2. Why does the mass of the moon affect the weight of an object?

6.3. closing questions

6.3.1. How could you create an experiment to demonstrate the difference in Earth"s atmosphere compared to the Moon's?

6.3.2. Upon completion of your experiment, is there something you could have done differently?