forces and dynamic

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forces and dynamic by Mind Map: forces and dynamic

1. friction is a forces which opposes motion

1.1. friction enables us to walk

1.2. ways to reduce friction

1.2.1. apply lubricant

1.2.2. use a ball-bearing

1.2.3. use a smooth surface like ice

2. resultant force

2.1. causes a moving object to

2.1.1. stop moving

2.1.2. move faster

2.1.3. slow down

2.1.4. change direction

3. free-body diagram

3.1. shows forces acting on a single body

4. the change in velocity calculated by force/mass

5. gravity

5.1. gravity is the force of attraction between objects

6. mass

6.1. mass is the amount of matter in an object

6.1.1. force/acceleration New node

7. acceleration

8. force formula = mass x acceleration