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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Formative

1.1. Definition

1.1.1. Think-Pair-Share

1.1.2. Exit Tickets

2. Interim/Benchmark

2.1. A form of assessment to see where the students level is now and to also see how well they will do on future assessments such as Standardized tests

2.1.1. District Benchmark Test

2.1.2. Iowa Testing

3. Summative

3.1. An assessment given to check student lerning at an end of a unit or block of learning

3.1.1. Midterm exam

3.1.2. State Assessments

4. Performance

4.1. An assessment where a student has to perform a task rather then answer a question from a test sheet

4.1.1. Presentations

4.1.2. Performances

5. Diagnostic

5.1. a form of pre assessment used to determine individual weaknesses and strengths.

5.1.1. Self assessments

5.1.2. Example 2

6. Hot Questions

6.1. Opening Questions

6.1.1. What do you remember about landforms?

6.1.2. What are some of examples of landforms?

6.2. Guiding Questions

6.2.1. Question 1

6.2.2. Question 2

6.3. Closing Questions

6.3.1. If you could create different name for the landforms that better fit their actual description, what would they be?

6.3.2. How does knowing about landforms relevant to your everyday life?