Technology Addiction

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Technology Addiction by Mind Map: Technology Addiction

1. What should we do?

1.1. Rethink Our Relantionship with the Smartphone

1.2. Kill Cell Phone Addiciton

2. Tools to Help

2.1. Forest

2.1.1. Forest is a game designed to help the user to avoid using the cellphone. In this game, each player needs to make plants grow in different situations, but it is not necessary to have any interaction with them. In fact, it's best to have no interaction at all. The longer the smartphone stays away from the owner's fingers, the more plants will grow and he will be able to accumulate more points on his farm - each having a minimum time required to develop.

2.2. Moment

2.2.1. Moment is a mobile app that monitors the use of the smartphone to indicate if the user is addicted to it. To do this, the app runs in the background and analyzes usage data for the device. It lists statistics and helps people with the difficulty of dropping the phone, allowing them to create daily limits of navigation in the device.

3. Are we too conected?

3.1. In 2016, 76% of the Canadian population had a smartphone. (Statistics Canada, 2017)

3.2. The average Canadian spends more than 45 hours online each month (canScore, 2012)

4. The necessity to stay online

4.1. Internet Addiction

4.2. Heavy technology and internet use across the wired Western world has negative effects on how we think and behave (Tapper, 2012).