World Wrestling Entertainment

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World Wrestling Entertainment by Mind Map: World Wrestling Entertainment

1. By the way, this is a floating topic. To create a floating topic, simply drag it away from the map center.

2. Legal

2.1. Prepares contracts for talent and high level executives

2.2. Provides legal counsel on copy right and licensing isssues

2.3. Handles any existing and potential litigation for the company

2.4. Aides HR in developing best practices

2.5. Maintains compliance with all state and federal regulations

3. Live Events

3.1. Books arenas/venues for all WWE live events

3.2. Tracks/ manages merchandising sales and revenues at WWE events

3.3. Local promotion for WWE events

3.4. Handles logistical issues regarding concession/ticket sales

3.5. Handles any issues regarding travel/maintenance of key WWE equipment

4. TV Production

4.1. Shoots and creates content for all weekly television

4.2. Archiving past television content

4.3. Ensures content abides by network partner's standards

4.4. Creates content for streaming media library(WWE Network)

4.5. Travel/transportation for essential TV personal (cameramen, production truck etc)

5. WWE Studios

5.1. Produces films and documentaries

5.2. Generates financing and studio deals for potential WWE Films projects

5.3. Handles contracts with WWE Films talent

5.4. Domestic and Foreign marketing for all WWE studio projects

5.5. Handles any logistical issues that may arise while filming WWE films

6. Talent Development

6.1. Maintains postive relationships with current Talent

6.2. Scouting and signing of all new talent

6.3. Acts as as a liaison between talent and upper managment

6.4. Aides in the training of all new talent at developmental facility

6.5. Ensures talent understands and abides by company wellness policy