European Reformation

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European Reformation by Mind Map: European Reformation

1. Martin Luther

1.1. Martin Luther was a man that was born into a rich family and went to a good private school. He studied hard but his life changed dramatically.

1.2. One day he had gone to visit his parents but on his way home he was caught up in a terrible storm. He did not believe in god at that moment in time but he prayed to god saying that if he survived then he would become a monk.

1.3. Martin Luther read all the books in the churches library and one day he realised that the Catholics are teaching the wrong thing.

1.4. He made the 95 thesis and pinned them onto the wall. This made the church very angry.

2. The Church

2.1. The church gains it's power and money through beliefs.

2.2. In those days science couldn't prove anything about the world so people turned to belief.

2.3. The Bible was only in latin and only richer people could read it.

2.4. This meant that the Church could make their own interpretation of what the bible says and they used that to their own advantage.

2.5. This mean't that the church was one of the powerful things in society.

3. Excommunication

3.1. Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Catholic church by the Pope Louis X.

3.2. Martin Luther went into hiding because he was disliked by everybody because everybody believed in what the Pope said.

4. The King

4.1. The King was furious at him and wanted to punish him. This was partly the reason why he went into hiding

4.2. The King of Saxony disliked Martin Luther and he was sent to the King to be trialed and asked why he did what he did.

5. The Priest

5.1. The priest was a true friend of Martin Luther.

5.2. He wanted to help Luther and organised all his accommodation for him. Martin Luther was helping the priest.

5.3. The priest took books to Martin Luther and provided him with food when he was a monk.

6. The new ways of the Church. (Martin Luther).

6.1. Martin Luther created a more balanced way of believing in god.

6.2. He wrote the Bible in English and made the belied a more community thing.