TWC 301

Course Mindmap

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TWC 301 by Mind Map: TWC 301

1. Knowledge of Conventions

1.1. Know how to effectively and correctly structure projects

1.2. Correctly present information in ways that certain genres might

1.3. Make sure to cite your information and respect copyright

1.4. CHP 1 Realize the importance of having others go over drafts as well as taking breaks and coming back to go over your drafts once more before finalizing anything to make sure it is all correct

1.5. CHP 2 Be able to effectively layout a page that is appropiate to catch the viewers attention and keep their attention by means of layout

1.6. CHP 5 Know how to effectively us the element of design alignment to keep the page centered and furhter focuse the reader/viewers attention to certain areas or aspects of the page

1.7. CHP know how to effectively use repetition without over doing it, keeping it simple and easy to follow for the viewer

1.8. CHP 7 Be able to keep the layout simple and easy for the viewer to follow. Make sure the viewer knows where to begin and end. Do not overcrowd it or the viewer will not know where to begin.

2. Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing

2.1. Be able to incorporate your ideas before with new ideas on a subject and combine to present and present all sides to the audience

2.2. Be able to use new information, writing, to be able to learn more and communicate about ideas as well as present them and your thought/research process effectively

2.3. CHP 2 Be able to effectively plan a layout that would catch the audiences eye. Learn to do this my contrast, focal points, where to put emphasis, and where to group things together

2.4. Be able to effectively write out a plan for instructions that can be condensed to a short and simple instruction. This way the reader does not get upset that they have to read so much.

2.5. CHP 3 Plan a layout that creates a flow for the reader or viewer to easily get your point across.

2.6. CHP 4 I must be able to plan out a page that incorporates all the other elements of design previously learned as well as making the page visually balanced.

2.7. CHP 7 Think about the way I read things and be able to incorporate that into my designs to be able to get the viewers eye to go in the right direction.

2.8. Copyright: Make sure to know the laws behind copyright and if you need to quote something from a copyrighted material how to go about it, if you can at all.

3. Rhetorical Knowledge

3.1. Be able to identify a purpose and present to audience in correct manner and presentation

3.2. Learn and use appropiate technologies and resources to collect and present a reasonable range of information to adequately reach the audience

3.3. Be able to write on many different subjects and see many different perspectives on each subject and be able to communicate them effectively and correctly grammar and punctuation-wise

3.4. Make sure that these instructions are kept simple with easy words, not to confuse anyone. This will make it easier for the reader as well.

3.5. CHP 3 Effectively be able to use the principle of contrast to may a page that is easy to read with a good flow.

3.6. CHP 6 Make sure to use the element of repetition throughout my work, from simple designs used, bullets, fonts, colors, and layout.


4.1. To learn new technologies that will help expand/help my learning processes

4.2. Ability to expand my ideas and see new perspectives on things that I may have thought otherwise about and be able to communicate all these ideas and new ideas

4.3. Learn new ways to communicate with my intended audience being in the classroom or in my future career with patients

4.4. CHP 1 From the chapter 1 reading I want to be able to effectively plan out and design a project for the intended audience correctly and use the process of design and layout to be able to come up with good ways in the future I can present work to patients or other colleagues

4.5. CHP 2 To be able to effectively layout a page that is proportional yet has emphasis on the right subjects or pictures while the detail of the rest of the layout supports and keeps the readers attention

4.6. CHP 3 Learn to be able to use the color wheel, contrasting colors, sizes, shapes, and so on to lay out a page that attracts the viewer or readers attention and keeps their attention.

4.7. CHP 4 I hope to be able to successfully plan a page that keeps the viewers attention, is not too bust and is laid out in a appropiate manner and scheme

4.8. CHP 5 Further be able to focus my reader/viewers attention with the element of alignment, also to make the page presentable and flowing with all of these elements included as well as alignment

4.9. CHP 6 Be able to use the element of repetition as well as keeping in mind contrast, alignment, and emphasis to create a page that will effectively express my point across to the viewer in any easy on the eye understandable way.

4.10. CHP 7 Be able to effectively layout a page that uses all the design elements, not making the page too busy. But just enough that the viewer can easy follow in the right direction and get the point easily and quickly.

4.11. Copyright: Be able to know how to follow copyright laws and fair use laws to use in my work if needed.

5. Processes

5.1. Know that each project make take a couple of drafts before actually finalizing to make sure of accuracy

5.2. Also know that it make take a group effort to research certain things and know how to go about researching with others

5.3. Develop strategies to help you effectively research what you need and be able to revise, edit, and proof read before presenting final project

5.4. Be able to manage resources with technology for further use in the future

5.5. CHP 1 Be able to effectively draw up thumbnails or sketches to turn into drafts and then final projects

5.6. CHP 3 Make sure to keep track of colors and layout,spark the readers interest with contrast and keeping the page lively.

5.7. CHP 4 Step by step go over the elements of designed learned previously and now th element of balance and form a draft that keeps the viewers attention as well as is balanced and has a good flow to it, not to distract the viewers.

5.8. CHP 5 Be able to plan my work taking into mind all other design aspects covered thus far in class as well as including the element of alignment to create a flowing piece of work

5.9. CHP 7 Lay the page out in a way that you would read it and viewers would. Make sure everything is in order so that the viewer knows exactly where to start and in what direction to go.

5.10. Copyright: If a request is needed to use certain material, learn the process and make sure to follow the process to correctly quote or use someone else's work.