Badge Project Plan: SCPS Faculty Training Module

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Badge Project Plan: SCPS Faculty Training Module by Mind Map: Badge Project Plan: SCPS Faculty Training Module

1. Self-Service

1.1. Access the Self-Service platform and locate available features within the “Faculty Services” subsection

1.1.1. Assessment: User must access Self-Service via their specific JasperNetID credentials. User will provide a screenshot of "Faculty Services" page within their account. Badge 1A: Self-Service Access Credential

1.2. Identify a teaching schedule for a specific academic semester

1.2.1. Assessment: User will successfully complete a quiz on semester codes and appropriate steps to generate a semester-specific schedule. Badge 2A: Faculty Schedule Development Credential

1.3. Prepare a grading roster for formal submission to the College’s Registrar Office

1.3.1. Assessment: User will create a screenshot "slide deck" detailing the pages needed to access the grade roster for the current semester's course assignments. Badge 3A: Grade Roster Submission Credential

2. Mapworks

2.1. Faculty will support students by reviewing updates on Academic Performance using Mapworks.

2.1.1. Assessment 1: Faculty will submit a Flipgrid video explaining how to update academic performance and the importance of reporting performance levels for students. Badge 1B

2.2. Faculty will report academic updates for each student enrolled in their class through Mapworks.

2.3. Faculty will develop referrals for students that need academic support through Mapworks.

2.3.1. Assessment 2: Faculty will complete a quiz reviewing the steps required to submit academic updates and referrals for students with academic risks. Badge 2B

3. Try MeisterTask!

4. Google Meets

4.1. Faculty will identify the importance of using Google Meets.

4.1.1. Assessment 1: Faculty will implement their thoughts on the benefits of using google meetings through a discussion thread. Badge 1C

4.2. Faculty will demonstrate how to use google meets.

4.2.1. Assessment 2: Faculty will create and submit a flipgrid video demonstrating how they can access google meets. Badge 2C

4.3. Faculty will differentiate between google meets and specific meeting codes.

4.3.1. Assessment 3: Faculty will complete a quiz reviewing the difference between google meets and meeting codes. They will also assess the benefits of using both google meets and meeting codes. 3C