Poor Conversion

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Poor Conversion by Mind Map: Poor Conversion

1. Poor lead quality

1.1. Identify the target segment

1.1.1. Build a customer persona

1.2. Prioritize leads

1.2.1. Score leads in real time

1.3. Lead is not the decision maker

2. Poor sales conversion

2.1. Poor distribution of leads

2.1.1. use clustering methods to distribute leads such as by location, giving top leads to the best salespeople, etc.

2.2. Poor quality of salespeople

2.2.1. Impart training

2.3. Lack of salespeople

2.3.1. Hire more salespeople if required

2.4. Not able to build trust

2.4.1. Listen to the prospect and understand their problems

2.5. Poor content

2.5.1. Take product demos, marketing collaterals

2.5.2. Improve sales pitch

2.5.3. Focus on the value proposition rather than just the features

2.6. No immediate response

2.6.1. Follow up regularly

2.7. Lack of motivation

2.7.1. Incentivize salespeople based on conversion rates

2.8. Huge price points

2.8.1. Offer trials and discounts based on the profile of each customer