Founding an Online Music School (CORY & MIKE)

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Founding an Online Music School (CORY & MIKE) by Mind Map: Founding an Online Music School (CORY & MIKE)

1. Teaching Tools

1.1. Video Tutorials

1.1.1. camcorder with decent microhphone

1.2. Interactive Exercises

1.2.1. Ear Training Games

1.2.2. Note reading exercises

1.3. Bank of quizzes

1.4. Access To Teachers via email or webchat

2. People To Talk To

2.1. Music Teachers

2.1.1. Talk to Harris theory teachers

2.2. Website Designer

2.3. Programmer to help develop exercises

2.4. John Harris would definately provide some key advice

2.5. Harris Teacers

3. Curriculum

3.1. New node

4. Prospective Students/How To Reach Them

4.1. Harris Students

4.2. Advertising via social media

4.3. advertising in local music stores

4.4. post link to site on craigslist

5. Name?

5.1. Project Statement?

6. Website Development

7. Finding Teachers

7.1. Instruments/Concepts

7.1.1. Theory

7.1.2. Ear Training

7.1.3. Acoustic Guitar

7.1.4. Electric Guitar

7.1.5. Electric Bass

7.1.6. Percussion

7.1.7. Piano

7.1.8. DJ/DAW

7.1.9. *Subjects are very broad. May want to narrow the scope to a few similar topics.

8. Check out online music-related courses that are copyright-free -- you could reuse these on your online school

9. costs

9.1. will it be free for customers

9.2. how will you pay your teachers