antihypertensives ABCDE

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antihypertensives ABCDE by Mind Map: antihypertensives ABCDE

1. A- angiotensinogen (liver), renin (renal), ACE (lung), angiotensin II(SNS, vasoconstriction, aldosterone, HTN

1.1. ACE inhibitors (-pril)

1.1.1. MOA: inhibits ACE, decrease angiotensin II, decrease BP

1.1.2. ADR: dry cough, rash, NVD, angioedema, HA

1.1.3. Caution: pregnancy, asthma, COPD, kidney disease (renal stenosis)

1.1.4. Captopril, enalapril, lisinopril, fosinopril

1.2. angiotensin receptor blockers (-sartan)

1.2.1. MOA: blocks angiotensin II to its receptor

1.2.2. ADR: HA, NVD, dizziness, back pain

1.2.3. caution: pregnancy, renal stenosis,

1.2.4. alternative for ACEi

1.2.5. Losartan, telmisartan,

1.3. Alpha 1 receptors blockers

1.3.1. receptors on endothelial cells in smooth muscle tissues, contract or relax

1.3.2. alpha receptors stimulated by adrenergic response (epi and nor epi)

1.3.3. MOA: inhibits the adrenergic activity & decreases total cholesterol in body

1.3.4. good option for HTN & HLD pt

1.3.5. ADR- hypotension

1.3.6. prazosin, terazosin, doxazosin

2. Beta blockers (-olol)

2.1. block B receptors block SNS activity

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2.2. atenolo, metoprolol, hadolol, propranolol, timolol

2.3. selective B blockers

2.3.1. heart pacemaker cells (HR), cardiac muscle contraction B1 receptors stimulated by epi & norepi MOA: blocks SNS fxn on heart by blocking B1 receptors, decreasing HR and contractility ADR: bradycardia, fatigue, hypo tension, decreased libido, impotence, bronchoconstriction Caution: prinzmetal angina COPD and PVD

2.4. non-selective B Blockers

2.4.1. heart and other tissues

3. Ca Channel Blockers (-dipine OR -mil)

3.1. MOA: Blocks T- type and or L-type Ca channel

3.1.1. T type (time)- in pacemaker cells increase HR Phenylakyamines (verapmil) benzothiazepine (diltiazem) dihydropyridines (-dipine) Nifedipine ADR: flushing, HA, dizzy, hypotension, palpitations, peripheral edema caution: CHF, heart block, V tach

3.1.2. L type- smooth & cardiac cells, Ca causes contraction amolodipine, felodipine, nicardipine, nifedipine

4. Diuretics: kidneys: nephrons

4.1. MOA: increase urine output, decrease fluid overload

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4.2. loop (strongest)

4.2.1. loop of Henle furosemide, torsemide

4.2.2. Na+, 2Cl-, K+ A B C

4.2.3. disrupts Cl- transport, causing excretion of Na+ and K+ 1A Contact within 24 Hours 1B Contact within 72 Hours 1C, 2A, 2B To be contacted, usually by an inside sales agent. 2C, 3 Not contacted

4.3. thiazide

4.3.1. distal convulated tubule

4.3.2. excretion of Na and H2O HCTZ

4.4. K+ sparing

4.4.1. blocks reabsorption of Na, secretes K ADR: hyperK, metabolic acidosis, gynecomastia, triameterne, s[pironolactone

4.5. ADR Loop and thiazides: decrease K, Na, volume, pressure; increase urecemia (gout), Ca, glucose, metabolic alkalosis, pancreatitis

5. E- endothelial receptor antagonist- ERA causing vasodilation

5.1. endothelium 1 receptors in smooth muscle, blocks endothelin secretion

5.2. mainly for pulmonary HTN

5.3. ambrisentan, bosentan

5.4. ADR: HA, peripheral edema, nasal congestion, hypotension, nausea, palpitations