TWC301 Course Outcomes

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TWC301 Course Outcomes by Mind Map: TWC301 Course Outcomes

1. Learning

1.1. learn to post hyperlinks

1.2. identify defined purposes

1.3. learn common formats

1.4. learn to write in multiple genres

2. Processes

2.1. learn proper processes

2.2. learn the appropiate technologies for the class

2.3. be able to explain the processes to others

3. Understanding

3.1. be able to understand what I am learning

3.2. Be able to use this knowledge in the real world

3.3. Be able to explain this to others

4. Personal Goals

4.1. earn best grade I can

4.1.1. New node

4.2. focus in this class

4.3. be faster on the computer

4.4. make a video

4.5. successfully make videos outside of this class

4.6. blog more often

4.7. use the internet and youtube as a better source of learning

4.8. work on homework daily to keep up

5. Writing Instructions

5.1. Many different styles of writing

5.1.1. keep audience in mind

5.1.2. reveals writer's personality and voice

5.2. Many different tones of writing

5.2.1. Bitter

5.2.2. Sarcastic

5.2.3. happy

5.2.4. vexed

5.2.5. rhetorical

5.2.6. somber

5.3. Different formats

5.3.1. comic book format

5.3.2. novel format