Present continuous and simple present.

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Present continuous and simple present. by Mind Map: Present continuous and simple present.

1. • Plots of films, stories and plays. (At the party, Romeo sees Juliet and falls in love with her.)

2. Interrogative sentences

2.1. Structure:

2.2. Verb auxiliary (do) + Subject + Verb?

2.3. Example:

2.4. Do you work?

3. Use simple present for:

3.1. • Facts, or things that always happen. (Water boils at 100C)

3.2. • Routines and habits. (The birds return to the island every spring.)

3.3. • Timetable events. (The drama club meets every Thursday at 7.30)

4. Affirmative sentences.

4.1. Structure:

4.2. Subject + Verb

4.3. Example:

4.4. I play

5. Negative sentences.

5.1. Structure:

5.2. Subject + Verb auxiliary (do) + Not + Verb

5.3. Example:

5.4. He doesn't learn.

6. To conjugate the present simple we use the infinitive for the subjects "I", "you", "we" and "they" and for the third persons "he", "she" and "it", we add a "-s" to the end of the verb.

7. Uses

8. To form the present continuous use the auxiliary verb "to be" and the verb + ing.

9. Present continuous.

10. Simple present.