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The Twits by Mind Map: The Twits

1. Characters

1.1. Mr. Twit

1.2. Mrs. Twit

1.3. Roly Poly Bird

1.4. Muggle Wump

2. Begining

3. End

4. Author

4.1. Roald Dahl

4.2. What other books has he written?

4.3. Where was he born?

5. Quiz Time!

5.1. Quiz: The Twits

6. The Tricks

6.1. Glass Eye

6.2. The Frog

6.3. Wormy Spaghetti

6.4. The Shrinks

6.5. The Balloons

7. Summary

7.1. The Twits is a book about two nasty people called Mr and Mrs Twit. They play mean tricks on one another and enjoy doing mean things to animals.But the Muggle Wumps have had enough and with their friend Roly Poly they fight back!

8. Setting

8.1. The Twit's House