Launch [Screen]

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Launch [Screen] by Mind Map: Launch [Screen]

1. Home [Screen]

1.1. Background Map [Section]

1.2. List of subjects [Section]

1.2.1. Subject [Button] Conformation [Button] Loading (Connecting...) [Section]

1.3. List of Chats [Screen]

1.3.1. Search [Input]

1.3.2. List of Chats [Section] Chat [Button] User [Image] Last Message [Text] New Messages [Counter] Last Message Date/Time [Text] Delete Chat [Swipe Left] [Touch]

1.3.3. Chats Not Found [Section]

1.4. Personal Profile [Screen]

1.4.1. Edit Profile [Button] Edit Profile [Screen]

1.4.2. Settings [Button] Settings [Screen]

1.4.3. Contact & FAQ [Button] Contact & FAQ [Screen] Contact & FAQ [Title] Textarea [Input] Send [Button] Back [Button]

1.4.4. User [Image]

1.4.5. User First & Last Name [Text]

1.4.6. User Bio [Text]

2. Auth [Screen]

2.1. Slider [Section]

2.2. Facebook Login [Button]

2.2.1. Sign In [Alert] Error Message etc. Successful Interests [Screen]