The English Club

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The English Club by Mind Map: The English Club

1. Creative writing

1.1. Creating worlds

1.2. Creating a character

1.3. Plotting and Outlining

1.4. Short stories

1.5. Poems

1.6. Description

1.7. Performing monologues

1.8. Stories

2. Debate

2.1. Court room roleplay

2.2. Lawyer

2.3. Political issues

2.4. Arguments

3. Competitions

3.1. Creative writing competition

3.2. 100 words

3.3. poetry competition

3.4. short story competition

3.5. Argument competition: Two parties arguing and trying to win the judges votes (like a presidential argument)

4. Film viewing

4.1. Watch a films adaption of a classical book and plays e.g Romeo and Juliet or Pride and prejudice

4.2. Review the film

4.3. Shakespear films

5. Homework

5.1. The art club was majorly benefitial because many students came to use the equipment for their projects. In this case an English club would be benefitial because they have resources such as books, dictionaries, thesauruses and help from other teachers and older students.

6. Collage and University appliances and the reputation of Ysgol y Preseli

6.1. If The English Club is successful and involved in competitions, when students from our school want to pursue their education in the english language, this will promote them, making them stand out from other students and schools. Therefore promoting the school for future students.