Musical Genres

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Musical Genres by Mind Map: Musical Genres

1. Concertos

1.1. Piano Concerto in C Minor

1.2. Violin Concerto in G Major

1.3. Oboe Concerto in C Major

2. Symphonies

2.1. Symphony No. 4 in D Major

2.2. Symphony No. 31 in D Major, "Paris"

2.3. Symphony No. 41 in C Major, "Jupiter"

3. Sonatas

3.1. Violin Sonata in A Major

3.2. Piano Sonata in A Minor

3.3. Church Sonata in D Major

4. Chamber Music

4.1. Haydn String Quartets

4.2. Eine kleine Nachtmusik

4.3. Viennese Quartets

5. Sacred Music

5.1. Sparrow Mass in C Major

5.2. Requiem Mass in D Minor

5.3. Kyrie in G Major

6. Opera

6.1. Don Giovanni

6.2. The Magic Flute

6.3. The Marriage of Figaro