Sasha's 1st Book

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Sasha's 1st Book by Mind Map: Sasha's 1st Book

1. Media Interviews

1.1. Radio and TV

1.2. Newspaper

1.3. Media Topics

1.3.1. Food Healthy Eating Sustainable Eating/Living Food History

1.3.2. Travel Single Women Travel Traveling w/o kids Healthy Traveling Connecting People Cultural Awareness Travel Tips Affordable Travel

1.3.3. Millenials Experiences Millenial Business Gig Economy

1.4. TV Show / Regular Correspondent

1.5. Ebooks (on various topics) & Book(s) sold from Sasha Website making it be a Revenue Generator and providing Passive Income

1.5.1. Who Knows what this could lead to?

1.6. Blogs on Sasha Web site

1.7. Social Media

1.7.1. Facebook

1.7.2. Twitter

1.7.3. Linkedin

1.7.4. Instagram

1.7.5. Pinterest

1.7.6. YouTube

1.7.7. Other Blogs

2. Speaking Engagements

2.1. Who knows what this could lead to?

3. More Private Chef Bookings

3.1. Who knows what this could lead to?

4. More Group Travel Experiences Planned by or conducted by Sasha

4.1. Who knows what this could lead to?

5. More Individual Travel Experiences for Sasha

5.1. Who knows what this could lead to?

6. Second Book -- Cookbook

6.1. Who knows what this could lead to!

7. Webinars to Sell Courses

7.1. Course Development

7.1.1. Travel

7.1.2. Food

7.1.3. Travel Biz

8. Book Signing Tour

8.1. Local

8.2. Regional

8.3. National

8.4. International

9. Emarketing Campaign

10. Book Sales on Amazon & Barnes