Systems thinking in Practice in PhD research

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Systems thinking in Practice in PhD research by Mind Map: Systems thinking in Practice in PhD research

1. Personal background

1.1. supportive parents

1.2. friends that challenge me to think

1.3. community building voluntary work

1.4. supportive partner

1.5. believe that you can learn from every culture, meeting, experience,...

2. Master in Educational Sciences at UGent

2.1. mixed methods

2.2. social learning (Bandura, Vygotski)

2.3. multilevel educational research

2.4. reflexive role as scientist

2.5. educational systems are stongly connected to time and place

3. AgriDemo-F2F H2020 project as starting point of my PhD

3.1. chance to be part of international conferences

3.2. chance to work with different but equally important international partners on an interdisciplinary research topic

3.3. AIS

3.4. multi-stakeholder approach

3.5. peer learning contexts

4. ILVO and KU Leuven as working environment

4.1. promoting systems thinking

4.2. living labs

4.3. interdisciplinary research

4.4. promoting reflexivity

4.5. focus on sustainable development discourse

4.6. SDG's

4.7. tactile space (Carolan)

5. Insights in state of the art Farming systems research and their possible implications in my own research

6. Shaping my points of view, frames of reference, and thus my Phd discourse

7. Citizen of Ghent

7.1. conscience about environment

7.2. supporting sustainable innovative ideas

7.3. progressive