2 Major Worldviews-Composition

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2 Major Worldviews-Composition by Mind Map: 2 Major Worldviews-Composition

1. Communism

1.1. Composition

1.1.1. Who: North Koreans, Cubans, Chinese, USSR, (no longer in power)-Not as common economy, national structure of counties

1.1.2. What: Certain specific group has the "control"-Makes choices for country-National Structure/economy of country-Opposite of Capitalism

1.1.3. Where: North Korea, Cuba, China-Only few areas in world

1.1.4. How: Certain specific group makes choices for country and people-Economic, political, military, people's jobs, kids, possessions, etc.

2. Capitalism

2.1. Composition

2.1.1. Who: Everone except: North Koreans, Cubans, Chinese-Main economy, national structure of most countries

2.1.2. What: Citizens have the "control"-Make choices for country-National structure/economy of country-Opposite of Communism

2.1.3. Where: Everywhere except: North Korea, Cuba, China-Most of world

2.1.4. How: People make own choices for selves: owning, buying, selling, education, occupations, etc.