Human Resource Representative

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Human Resource Representative by Mind Map: Human Resource Representative

1. Recruitment

1.1. Recruiting the right person for the job

1.2. Employing qualified professionals

1.3. Training for a position

1.4. Maintain contact in the community

1.5. Publicize openings for position

1.6. Search for qualified people

1.7. Research best avenue to promote

2. Equal Employment Opportunity

2.1. Diversity in the workplace

2.2. Investigate and resolve EEO grievances

2.3. Examine organizational practices for potential violations

2.4. Compile and report EEO claims

2.5. Bridges gaps between upper management and employees

2.6. Educates employees of EEO

2.7. Researches current laws

3. Job Analyst

3.1. Collect Info

3.2. Examine Info

3.3. Create and prepare Job Description

3.4. Analyze tasks of position

3.5. Analyzes waste

3.6. Analyzes profits

3.7. Profit and Loss

4. Compensation Managers

4.1. Develop compensation plan

4.2. Handle employee benefits program

4.3. Resolves benefit issues

4.4. Travel and driving compensation

4.5. Reimbursement for money spent for company

4.6. Issues Monetary and non monetary awards

4.7. Workman's Compensation

5. Training Specialist

5.1. Plan training

5.2. Organize training

5.3. Conduct training

5.4. Presents training

5.5. Coordinates training opportunities

5.6. Stays up to date on training regiments