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My Mind Map by Mind Map: My Mind Map

1. Personal Style

1.1. I was born in 1999 so I was there for the last era of the 90's and honestly i'd consider my style to be curated from the late 1990's. For me, the 90's had some of my favorite outfits like mom jeans, crop tops and white sneakers (Which are definitely coming back in 2018 as I see tons of teenagers and adults wearing that type of style today). Scrunchies are also something I love, it's functional and you can just put it around your hand and it's not super tight.

1.2. As I was born in 1999, a lot of musicians also influenced my style. This was way back when, when there was Destiny's Child, Brittney Spears, Nsync, etc. To be honest, I think they had such cool and different styles and patterns in their outfits, they were also very bright which is what people remember about 90's clothing.

1.3. I don't wear a ton of makeup, if I don't have to, I wear non. I think makeup is just an extra step if you really want people to see you. I mean my skin is clear and my complexion overall is pretty good so even if I put on makeup, the coverage isn't too crazy. Also, the style which I think is cute is called, 'Pastel Aesthetic' which is basically minimalist pastel clothing like soft colored tennis skirts, white tops, mom jeans, headbands, etc.

2. The Past

2.1. Philippines

2.1.1. We consider this country our hometown. Although I wasn't born there, it's my parents home so it feels like a 2nd home to us.

2.1.2. When I was 3 years old, I went to the Philippines with my family and learned and understood their language which is Tagalog. It's great to go there young so you learn how to speak the language and can hopefully remember that till your older. I understand fully but as I don't live in the Philippines, I sadly can't speak it fluently. I'd love to learn but I never had time to sit down and actually it and some words are pretty lengthy and hard to pronounce if you're not from the Philippines. I know some easy words but not a whole lot haha.

2.2. My mom and dad grew up in the Philippines but immigrated to Canada when they were really young. My mom was adopted by her aunt so she'll be able to have a better life in Canada. We often go to the Philippines every few years to visit family and friends.

2.2.1. Luckily we have family in the Philippines so every time we go back there there's people to talk to and enjoy your vacation with.

2.3. Living in Canada

2.3.1. Canada is the country I live in and was born in so it's my hometown. It's great to live in a country like this and i'm feel very lucky.

2.3.2. We have family here in Canada as well from my Dad's side. His father came to Canada then brought his whole family here hence why my Dad now lives here. We also have extended family here like old friends or family from back home that came to Canada as well.

2.3.3. From a young age, I was a pretty crazy and a happy kid I would say. I'm the 2nd oldest (My sister is the oldest) out of all our cousins. Growing up with tons of kids, I learned how to be responsible and take care of them.

2.4. When I Was Younger

2.4.1. When I was younger, surprisingly what people don't know about me is that I had tons of health problems which really affected me at times. As young as 5 years old, my eyesight was not the greatest and I was on eye drops for years (And still am now). Along with my eyes not being the greatest, as I was a kid I would always get sick and we always wondered why. The doctor told me inside my nose was the size of a pin needles therefore, I was constantly breathing from my mouth and not my nose like other people. I'm lucky that now I don't get as sick anymore and my immune system is getting stronger. Another health scare I experienced as a child was having E Coli. I vividly remember eating an uncooked burger from McDonald's and that night losing my vision and telling my mom I couldn't see. I was rushed to the hospital and the last thing I remember was walking up and seeing myself in the bed. My sister was reading up on E Coli while I was in the hospital and she said many kids have died from it and knowing my health problems in the past, I was scared that might affect it, but I was okay and happy to be alive and well. The E Coli incident was definitely the scariest thing I experienced as a child,

2.4.2. My favorite things to do as a child was singing, dancing and hanging out with my friends. Growing up, I changed schools early on because we moved locations but I was lucky enough to make a friend in Kindergarten which i'm still friends with now. She's like a sister to me and a family friend to my family. We try our best to hang out and see each other as much as we can, but it's definitely harder than usual considering our schedules now that we're older and doing other things.

3. The Present

3.1. Social Media

3.1.1. Now living in 2018, Social Media is a BIG part in people's lives, including mine! It's a great way to contact people without actually calling or texting them. Social Media is something almost everyone has as people have phones and computers.

3.1.2. My mom was talking to me about when she was in high school and she mentioned they never had the computer so there wasn't anything like Google, Youtube, etc. It's crazy to think about people not having those types of apps nowadays, I think people often get too dependent on the internet and always checking the internet for an answer to like a school question. I use social media to talk to my friends and for school.

3.1.3. When we talk about social media, the topic of privacy always comes up. Yes, it's a great way to share things that happen in your life, but how much is too much sharing? Just recently, a video surfaced of a lady filming herself giving birth, in your opinion is that fine or is that too much? I think while on the internet, we should watch what we post because it's there for everyone to see.

3.2. Emotions, Feelings and Everything

3.2.1. As you grow up, it;s easy to take advantage of how much freedom you actually have.. You're able to play with other kids, eat whatever and go out and have fun. That definitely all changes as you get older which is the sad reality. Everyone grows up, starts a family then continues life as an adult.

3.2.2. When you're a teenager, it's easy to break done and feel worthless which is the cold hard truth about growing up, High school is a roller coaster of emotions. When I was in high school, there was definitely a lot of name callings, shaming and dating young, it's all normal as you're a teenager, but when you grow up you realize how stupid those were. In high school, I did lose a lot of my friends which is the hardest thing to cope with. People you see everyday from morning to afternoon to them not even being in your life anymore. Growing up is a crazy thing but also helps you realize what matters to you the most and brings you closer the people who care, love and want the best for you.

3.2.3. Being a teenager also means more responsibility, From house chores, getting groceries and talking care of your siblings, it all comes as you grow older in age, Some people go through a part in their life where they're confused, which is totally normal. It;s hard to figure out what you wanna be and what you wanna do for the rest of your life. I think it all comes with age, If you feel you're ready, do it. If not, totally fine too. You have so much time to figure out who you wanna be as a person and that's totally okay.

4. The Future

4.1. Aliens, Space and Flying Cars?

4.1.1. It;'s funny to think about the future because years ago we thought that'd be very far away but now we're going into 2018 and close to 2020, how mind blowing is that? People in the year I was born in, 1999, are almost 20! As kids, we never think about what could happen in the future and we only see it in movies like: Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. Now let me ask you, what do you think the future will be like?

4.1.2. Movies like Star Wars depict a future where everything is futuristic and controlled by the internet and to be honest, it's not too far in what we experience in 2018. We have internet and social media has taken over the entire world. People in the 80's DIDN'T even have that. We also have Tesla's, cars that drive itself, wow.

4.2. Social Media is a Real Job?

4.2.1. There's no deny social media is one of the biggest things to come into the 21st century. It's a way to share things with friends/family., to video chat with them and other things without even being there with them in real life. You might've heard the word, 'Social Media Influencer's'. If not, let me explain. They are the new IT people. The people you see all over your Facebook feed advertising you the latest vitamin product or showing you a tutorial on Youtube. What ever it is, what people don't know is that that's the new way of 'Making Money'.

4.2.2. Social Media Influencer's are there to entice you to purchase a product or copy their tutorial. They make money by ad posts on Instagram or tagging the brand on one of their social media platforms.

4.3. Robots? And The Next Step For me?

4.3.1. As mentioned in the previous post on 'Emotions, Feelings and Everything', I talked about how teenagers feel especially as they grow up and to be completely honest, I've felt like that sometimes. I definitely think growing up is hard to do but it's something everyone has challenges with. Even if you're 25 years old, you have to plan out getting a place on your own, your job, buying a house/apartment/condo, etc and it get's stressful. At this point in my life, I think I should take it slow but at my own pace. After going through a lot in my life, I realized time is precious and it should be used wisely, especially as you grow older.

4.3.2. Robots? Now this is a topic regarding the future and what we might see later on. The scary part we usually think of when we hear the word robots, is them taking over the world. There are many movies and shows about robots and what they're going to be doing in the future. Will they destroy? Or will they be helpful? Who knows. As long as technology is evolving, there will definitely be a time when robots will be working and taking over people's jobs!