Coral Reef Problem

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Coral Reef Problem by Mind Map: Coral Reef Problem

1. Coral Reefs

1.1. Form Barriers Around Coast

1.1.1. Help Protect The Coastline

1.2. Provide Homes And Food For Fish

1.2.1. Provide Homes And Food For Fish

2. Humans

2.1. Use Fossil Fuels

2.1.1. Cause CO2 Emmision

2.2. Eat Marine Life

2.2.1. Take Part In Ecosystem Food Web

3. Phytoplankton

3.1. Use Energy From Sun To Make Food

3.1.1. Are Food For Other Organisms

3.2. Absorb Carbon Dioxide

3.2.1. Release Organic Carbon Dioxide

4. Zooplankton

4.1. Eat Phytoplankton

4.1.1. Take Part In the Ecosystem Food Web

5. Ocean Water

5.1. Water Levels Are Rising

5.1.1. Cause Coasts To Flood

5.2. Home To Marine Life

5.2.1. Create An Ecoststem

6. Carbon Dioxide

6.1. Carbon Dioxide Is Increasing

6.1.1. pH Levels Are Increasing

6.2. Absorbed By Phytoplankton

6.2.1. Creating Carbonic Acid

7. Acid

7.1. Neutralizes Bases

7.1.1. Killing Off Coral Reefs

7.1.2. Kills Life Around Coral Reefs

8. Fossil Fuels

8.1. Spreads Carbon Dioxide In Air And Ocean

8.1.1. Used To Create Energy By Humans

9. Fish

9.1. Live In And Around Coral Reefs

9.1.1. Keep Algae Away From Coral Reefs

9.2. Eat Other Organisms And Are Eaten

9.2.1. Take Part In The Ecosystem Food Web

10. Factories

10.1. Use Fossil Fuels To Produce Energy

10.1.1. Release Carbon Dioxide Into The Air

11. Calcium Carbonate

11.1. Make Up Coral Reefs

11.1.1. Make Up Coral Reefs

11.2. Neutralizes With Acids

12. Sun

12.1. Gives Energy To Autotrophs

12.1.1. Provides Energy To The First Part Of The Ecosystem Food Web

13. Trees

13.1. Take In Oxygen And Release CO2

13.1.1. Keeps CO2 Levels From Getting Too High

14. Ancient Plants And Animals

14.1. Harden Due To Heat And Pressue

14.2. Contain Collected CO2

14.2.1. Provide Energy

14.3. Decompose Over Millions Of Years

14.3.1. Turn Into Fossil Fuels

15. Coral Cover

15.1. Provide Stony Exterior To Coral Reefs

15.1.1. Helps Protect Reefs

15.1.2. Helps Form The Structure Of Coral Reefs

16. Oxygen

16.1. Taken In By Animals

16.2. Released Out By Animals

16.2.1. Helps Animals Survive

17. Coastline

17.1. Home to warm, shallow ocean water

17.1.1. Provide most suitable home to coral reefs and other organisms Coral Reef Tentacles

18. Coral Reef Tentacles

18.1. Take In Food Particles form the Water

18.1.1. Take In Food For Coral Reef

19. Hot Ocean Water

19.1. Stress Temperature Sensitive Coral Reef

19.1.1. Weakens Coral Reefs

19.2. Plankton Reefs Use For Food

19.2.1. Negatively Impacts Food Web