Rosie Matjala

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Rosie Matjala by Mind Map: Rosie Matjala

1. Jen

1.1. Rosie's mum Pete's ex wife

1.1.1. Jen is a very protective for Rosie, she is extremely dedicated to her culture as the aboriginal community brought her in as family. She doesn't like Nick or Selena and wants the best for Rosie.

2. Selena

2.1. Rosie's "friend" Nicks younger sister

2.1.1. She is extremely self centred, doesn't really care about anyone else. Always looking for gossip, goes fridging, is considered "popular" and likes attention

3. Anya

3.1. Rosie's original friend Selena's "friend"

3.1.1. Anya was originally friends with Rosie and Selena, over time though, she began to feel replaced by Nick. Very quiet, peer pressured a lot. Doesn't like Selena that much. Know's Rosie can do better without Selena and Nick around.

4. Mrs Reid, Mrs Fuller

4.1. Teachers at the high school

4.1.1. They don't really know how to co-operate with the Yolngu children as they have different interpretations of the school workings. They try their hardest to teach at their fullest.

5. Nick

5.1. Rosie's boyfriend/crush/ Selena's brother

5.1.1. He acts a lot different with Rosie then when he is with his friends. He can be racist but also really nice

6. Nona

6.1. Rosie's half sister

6.1.1. Nona is a shy but persistent girl, she is very dedicated to her indigenous culture and is very quiet when at school.

7. Pete

7.1. Rosie's dad, Jens Ex husband

7.1.1. Pete has some what of a strong relationship with Rosie, over the phone as he doesn't live with her anymore. They share the same interests and enjoy each other's company. Over time, Pete seems to distance himself from Rosie after she gets a boyfriend, therefor Jen and him start to build back friendship.

8. Gulwirri

8.1. Nona's original mum, Rosie and Jens Foster mum

8.1.1. She is very forgiving, loving, kind but has a bite to her. Very persistent and encouraging and very dedicated to her community.