My future lifemap

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My future lifemap by Mind Map: My future lifemap

1. 2018-2019 goal list

1.1. Graduate master degree in Korea

1.2. Get Korean and English certificate (Topic and IELTS )

1.3. Get married

1.3.1. Have more romance in honeymoon

1.4. Trip to Jeju island

1.5. Get info about tire recycle factory

1.5.1. research technological procces outgoings main information to read

1.6. Create a bucket list

1.7. Build passive income

2. 2020-2025

2.1. Study in Australia

2.1.1. Get PhD

2.1.2. Become fluent in english

2.1.3. Move on to the Australia with my wife See a birth Raise happy and healthy child

2.1.4. Find a good job

2.1.5. Travel around the Australia with my parents

2.1.6. watch a play at Sydney opera

2.1.7. visit a Sydney tower

2.1.8. Go to Golden coast in Australia

2.1.9. Buy a car

2.1.10. Become a better public speaker

2.1.11. Read the Koran

2.1.12. Write a biography

2.1.13. Complete a doctorate

2.1.14. Buy house with Garden in Tashkent

2.1.15. Stay healthy

3. 2025-...

3.1. Start my own bussiness

3.1.1. Open my own factory Tire recycling factory Have a extra classes at the Uni as a professor

3.1.2. Build an online bussiness Learn to work smarter, not harder

3.2. Give my kids good education

3.3. Connect with my uni professors

3.4. Build a body muscles

3.5. Visit olympics games

3.6. Observe from the Burj Khalifa

3.7. Visit Mecca

3.8. Create good conditions to life