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1. How do most accidents happen?

1.1. Are they caused by weather?

1.2. Was their neglect by the drivers?

1.3. Was it preventable?

2. Health issues of professional drivers

2.1. How often are exams given?

2.2. what medical issues can a driver have and still be allowed to operate the vehicle?

2.3. Not enough sleep?

3. How much HazMat training is provided to drivers?

3.1. How often are drivers tested on their HazMat knowledge?

3.2. How often are drivers retrained?

4. How many safety violations do trucking companies average?

4.1. What happens if companies have too many violations?

4.2. How many is too many?

4.3. How are violations documented by the DOT?

5. Are other drivers respectful of the size and weight of an 18-wheeler?

5.1. How much training do drivers in normal sized vehicles have for sharing the road with larger vehicles?

5.2. Do people know how much space they should give an 18-wheeler to stop?

5.3. Do they know how much the average truck weighs?

6. Does the pay per mile system affect violations by drivers

6.1. Is there a better way to pay over the road drivers?

6.2. Do companies push drivers to meet deadlines?

7. What kind of rules does the DOT enforce?

7.1. How often are vehicles inspected?

7.2. Do they check on driver status?