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accountancy by Mind Map: accountancy

1. jobs description

1.1. desciption

1.1.1. Supported and trained

1.1.2. Working time: 9:00 am to 13:00 am; Afternoon 14:00 to 17:30. Monday to Friday and maybe Saturday morning.

1.1.3. Working place: Hanoi

1.1.4. Support the work required by the management.

1.2. request

1.2.1. graduate

1.2.2. Good communication, teamwork.

1.2.3. Serious, have a sense of learning and responsibility.

1.2.4. Self-control in work.

2. Employee's need

2.1. Remuneration

2.1.1. high salary

2.1.2. Healthy working environment business hours from 9am Have a guide when new to work There are 7 days off in the year

2.1.3. have extra curricular activities

2.1.4. To be entitled to full health insurance, social insurance, unemployment benefits,

2.2. autonomy

2.2.1. Be creative in work

2.2.2. selected work place Can change between locations to increase excitement