Global economic development

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Global economic development by Mind Map: Global economic development

1. Environmental issues

1.1. Resource colection

1.1.1. Deforestation

1.1.2. Mining

1.1.3. Farming

1.1.4. Fishing

1.1.5. Oil drilling

1.1.6. Mass hunting

1.1.7. Soil colection

1.2. Construction

1.2.1. houses mass housing family homes

1.2.2. Factorys Metal Factory Food production Vehicle construction Wood products factory Garment factory

1.2.3. Stores Clothing store Car dealership Furniture store General store Specialist store

1.2.4. miscellaneous buildings

1.2.5. Roads Highways City roads Miscellaneous roads

1.3. Conflict

1.3.1. Wars Military production Mass deaths Destruction of resourses Environmental effects

1.3.2. Violence Death Destruction of proprety

1.4. Pollution

1.4.1. global warming

1.4.2. acid rain

1.4.3. air pollution factory fumes vehicle exhaust burning fossil fuels

1.4.4. ozone layer depletion

1.4.5. water pollution oil leaks garbage in the ocean Ship wrecks

1.4.6. soil pollution man made materials changes in soil

1.4.7. radioactive pollution nuclear power

1.4.8. thermal pollution lowering of water quality pollution use of water as coolant changes to wheater