3D Tool - Kitchen mode

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3D Tool - Kitchen mode by Mind Map: 3D Tool - Kitchen mode

1. Build/Add/Customize/summary Panel

1.1. Build (search)

1.1.1. Wall addition Add to Canvas Edit size, material Maintain aspect ratio

1.1.2. utility??

1.1.3. Doors same

1.1.4. Windows same

1.1.5. Tiles?? Select Wall (in case of non wall mode) Select shape

1.1.6. Tiles Select tile select area in isolated mode

1.1.7. Technical Equipment - Electricity, gas, plumbing Select switch, etc Add and position

1.2. Add units (search)

1.2.1. Base Units Search unit types filter width filter depth filter (pre-filled from global settings?) height filter (prefilled?) List of base units Select unit and click next

1.2.2. Wall Unts Search and filter List of units select + next

1.2.3. Mid tall Units list of units select + next

1.2.4. Tall units same

1.2.5. Loft same

1.2.6. Sets

1.2.7. End panel select unit Apply to all empty sides (sides that are not snapping with anything?) OR ask which side

1.2.8. Filler Filler type material finish select size show auto calculated BOQ quantity? / same as now Add

1.2.9. Backsplash Select dimensions?? material

1.2.10. Custom Panel Select type/Material finish Size Add

1.2.11. Custom Countertop Select module select side?

1.2.12. Appliances Search Chimney Dishwasher Microwave (built in??) select unit?? (select while adding unit, then no need here) Oven Others

1.2.13. Accessories Faucet Lights warn if light already added Drawer organizers add to zone/drawer Sink unit accessories zone Wall pull out ? no product found Mats same as lights Baskets Misc

1.2.14. Handles disable in plan?? or select unit and ask for position in pop-up Add

1.2.15. Tiles??

1.3. Customize

1.3.1. Kitchen Units Image, annotation, name, dimension, price Replace Carcass properties material finish Shutter opening? Door Mechanism? Shutter properties (multiple?) Profile material, finish *special instruction (eg: space required is 1100 mm) End panel? on/off? or add/delete Custom countertop (side?) auto detect area without snapping

1.3.2. Countertop Material, name, cost size overhang? nosing tyoes Edges?

1.3.3. Skirting material finish

1.3.4. Filler material, finish, cost size Type??

1.3.5. Custom panel material, fnish, size

1.3.6. Appliance name, etc,

1.3.7. Room room type false ceiling design dimensions Skirting height material walls? color height thickness Floor tile tile size

1.3.8. Walls color/texture height? thickness

1.3.9. Windows Image size material

1.3.10. Doors same as windows

1.3.11. Floor tile edit tile size

1.3.12. Column, Beam size color

1.3.13. Cornice??

1.4. Summary

1.4.1. Room/Wall Name

1.4.2. Product image

1.4.3. Product name

1.4.4. Dimensions

1.4.5. Material Finish

1.4.6. Quantity??

1.4.7. Price

1.4.8. Annotation

1.4.9. Total

1.4.10. Do not include in BOQ (turn off price) make prop??

1.4.11. Edit button -> customize

1.4.12. GROUPS?? list of products in the group Product details Publish Name of grouped product select category add tags dimensions (auto calculate) material finish price Publish

2. Tools

2.1. Measure

2.1.1. cursor = measure

2.1.2. snapping

2.2. Align

2.2.1. Active when an object is selected

2.2.2. Ask with what to align set alignment

2.3. Group

2.3.1. Active when multiple things selected

2.3.2. group items double click to edit inside group?

2.4. move??

2.4.1. active when something selected

2.4.2. Move left/right/up? by what?

3. Modes

3.1. Grid

3.1.1. on

3.2. Dimensions

3.2.1. by default on

3.2.2. product type - base units, top units, services

3.3. Annotations

3.3.1. off

3.4. Low Res/High Res

3.5. X ray??

3.6. Shutter on/off

4. View Changer

4.1. 3D

4.2. Wall/Elevation

4.3. Plan

5. Canvas

5.1. products

5.1.1. Customize

5.1.2. Duplicate

5.1.3. See info Product info - pop-up

5.1.4. Replace Replace item pop-up

5.1.5. move?? Move by - input box

5.1.6. Delete

5.2. Windows, doors, floor, etc

5.3. Rulers (wall,plan) and guides

5.4. Grid

5.5. wall navigation (wall)

5.6. Room/Wall name

5.7. Room dimensions

6. Header

6.1. Back

6.2. Kitchen mode tag

6.3. Project Name + info

6.3.1. Project name

6.3.2. Project scope

6.3.3. ???

6.4. Global Settings

6.4.1. Material/Finish

6.4.2. /??

6.5. More/properties

6.5.1. Files List of files Delete Download upload

6.5.2. Tool settings Grid setting Wall settings Measurement units

6.5.3. View Toolbar on/off Modes bar on/off Grid on/off All modes Full screen

6.5.4. Tool shortcuts

6.5.5. Help

6.6. View/Edit drawings???

6.7. Zoom options

6.7.1. zoom in

6.7.2. % zoom

6.7.3. zoom out

6.7.4. zoom extents

6.8. Undo/redo

6.9. save

6.10. Room name + Price + options

6.11. Full screen

6.12. Export

6.12.1. Design validations Attach/Edit drawings/ skip Preview product summary and export to BOQ