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Cooking web app by Mind Map: Cooking web app

1. Story

1.1. Do you always have to go out to a fast-food or restaurant because you can't properly cook a meal?

1.2. Have the desire to learn but don't know where to start?

2. Features

2.1. Add own recipe

2.2. Rating system for recipes

2.3. Add video with how to make the recipe

2.4. Optional: nutritional values for each food used in the recipe

2.5. Challenge system: weekly cooking challenes

2.6. Top rated cooks based on their ratings

2.7. View others recipes

2.8. Filter system based on food type, country, nutritional value

3. Benefits

3.1. Improve your cooking skills

3.2. Share with the world your passion for cooking

3.3. Take your cooking passion to the next level

3.4. Learn to cook better and healthier for you and your loved ones

3.5. Always impress your friends and relatives with your cooking skills

4. Development

4.1. Responsive

4.2. Fast load

4.3. Front-End

4.3.1. HTML, CSS, JS, React

4.4. Back-End

4.4.1. Vimeo for video storing

4.4.2. Node.js

4.4.3. MongoDB

5. Design

5.1. 4 Page Design

5.2. Responsive Design

5.3. Simple UI with clean animations