Business across cultures

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Business across cultures by Mind Map: Business across cultures

1. individualism and collectivism relate to the way humans behave in social groups.

1.1. individualism: the connection betweem individuals is loose, they look after themselves and his family

1.2. colectivism: people are part of strong groups, they protect in exchange of loyalty

2. attutides towards time

2.1. working hours

2.2. holidays

2.3. meals and entrertaining

2.4. punctuality

2.5. boudaries

3. cross cultural communication: areas of misunderstanding between cultures.

3.1. distance

3.2. eye contact

3.3. gesture

3.4. greetings/goodbyes

3.5. physical contact

3.6. rules of conversation

4. Power-distance

4.1. low power distance culture: managers are accesible, employees may take some decisions

4.2. high power-distance culture: managers are distant, nemployees dont participate on making decisions