Discovery - Swarovski SP - SET

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Discovery - Swarovski SP - SET by Mind Map: Discovery - Swarovski SP - SET

1. Senior Management

1.1. Markus Langes Swarovski

1.1.1. Transparency in communication

1.1.2. Transmit and Foster Creativity & innovation

1.1.3. Access to multiple channels across all segments

1.1.4. Foster culture of Collaboration - Clients & Internally

1.1.5. Elevated Client Experience

1.1.6. Develop a Sales engagment tool

1.1.7. One universal digital tool

1.1.8. Enhance Brand loyalty

1.1.9. Visibility of full range of Swarovski crystals

1.1.10. Emowerment - Clients & Sales Teams

1.2. Roland Harste

1.2.1. Transmit and foster creativity

1.2.2. Client , Sales, Teams empowerment

1.2.3. Leverage Creativity Inspiration, Innovation transmittion channel

1.3. Christian Doose

1.3.1. Transmit our creative capabilities

1.3.2. Key Functionalities of interest Mood Boards Inspiration and Innovation Archives Customisation

2. Marketing

2.1. Chloe Tuduri

2.1.1. Transparency in the Sales Engagement Process is required

2.1.2. Departments Interaction on special project - Time frames & Relevence

2.1.3. Information Gathering - time consuming

2.1.4. All departments work in silos

2.1.5. Creative Platform - empowering Client & KAM

2.1.6. Language in English

2.1.7. Proposals/Samples/Deliveries - No Information on the Status for the KAMs

2.1.8. Departments Alignment - Collaborations special projects

2.1.9. Customisation - The process needs to become more effective and efficient

2.1.10. Documentation Standards - Create Luxury Standards and Tools

3. CCC

3.1. Caroline Quiniou

3.1.1. Perceived Bottleneck through all proceess

3.1.2. Lack of Tool for proposals - Excel over used

3.1.3. Any person should be able to track and understand where we are in the process. Accountability needs to be clearer

3.1.4. All participants in a project should have visibility at all stages and be able to interact

3.1.5. Connection back to the HQ and getting priorities and urgency can be difficult and accurate information on lead times etc...

4. IT

5. Sales

5.1. Peter Widmann

5.1.1. Develop a relative tool for the KAMs to interact with the Clients Inspiration Archives MoodBoard Customisation

5.2. KAMs

5.2.1. Isabella Berera Provide a Creative Platform to Clients Too Many Tools that confuse the KAMs Kam empowerment tools Luxury segment Clients require efficency & elivated service Loved the Interaction of Mood Board Interconnection between department & relevent information sharing On hand information availability Connectivity between the KAM and the Client Product availability accurecy versus time consuming Easy Interaction & Collaborations - Clients & Internally Archives - The Potential for Use to Inspire Clients is untapped

5.2.2. Celine Garcia Real Time Delivery information Real Time Stock Availability Client Credibility Through Lack of Informatio OR wrong Information given by back end teams Clients are becoming Digitally Forward thinking Easier and Direct access to Innovation launces by Swarovski before Physical Interaction The Bible is Reliable The Collection APP is not impressive in forn of the Clients

5.2.3. Nathalie Aimé Speed of Product Search Elevated Search based on creative wording Crystal Proposal Transparancy on availability Customisation Back end priorties given to clients with no overal visibility on WHY Creative Tools Lack of tools that allow the KAM to give Creative Proposals Too Many Tool that are Not Aligned and are Innefficient The Structure does not alllow the `KAMs to maxamise their effeciveness.

5.3. Giacomo Mariani

5.3.1. Luxury Customers Should be able to interact with us on a digital level

5.3.2. Empowerment of the Creative Tool

5.3.3. Clients are Haptic

5.3.4. Position us as a digital innovation partner Internal trends presentations Google Arts connection Wider possibilities with product overview Wider creative content not always linked to crystals Linked to Instagram and other social media Professional Crystal editor to provide value

5.3.5. An intuitive and user friendly tool is required Designer being able to play with immages etc in auser friendy manner

5.3.6. Simplify but detailed user experience

5.3.7. Focus on Creative process

5.3.8. Digitalising the Sales Process could make use for effecient with our collaborations with luxury partners

5.3.9. Be careful of entry Barriers Information Security

5.3.10. Target Young Designers

6. Product Development

6.1. Brigit Holz

6.1.1. Development Costs

6.1.2. Luxury Segment knowledge

6.1.3. leverage "key words defining season -KAM in launches, crystals creations and developemnt

6.1.4. Information Transparency & Leverage between Departments

6.1.5. Accurate Trend Estimates - "Crystal Ball"

7. Innovation

7.1. Florian Meissl

7.1.1. Opportunity to have a direct window to the client Save time and cost Create Innovation through engagement

7.2. Irene Seelig

7.2.1. Digital Customisation Optimisation of the process through the tool

7.2.2. Personalisation The Client Experience

7.2.3. Streamline Production

7.2.4. Interaction with the Robotic machine

8. CGB

8.1. Mirja Selzer

8.1.1. Transparancy on Communication

8.1.2. Alignment on the Processes between SP and CGB

8.1.3. Internal Alignment and collaboration within CGB

8.1.4. ONE effective and effeciant digital tool

8.1.5. Product availablity in real time

9. Trends

9.1. Lee-Anne Carter

9.1.1. Real time Information Gathering in order to predict trends in the luxury segment

9.1.2. Visualisation from the Moodboards and the clients interaction with them and the App

9.1.3. Inspiratiion, Innovation, Archives