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health by Mind Map: health

1. clients and their needs

1.1. the children

1.1.1. education on the subject of health

1.1.2. health care cannot be easily accessed may not be in good quality

1.2. adults

1.2.1. health care expensive waiting list

1.2.2. stress intense work not enough sleep decreased concentration

1.2.3. food lipids overconsumption eating habits salt and sugar overconsumption

1.3. young adults

1.3.1. stress mental health lack of sleep

1.3.2. eating habits

1.4. elderly

1.4.1. health care expensive waiting list

2. themes

2.1. families

2.1.1. for children

2.2. friends

2.2.1. young adults

2.3. local culture

2.3.1. for everyone

2.4. festivals and religion

2.4.1. for the elderly

2.5. education

2.5.1. for children

3. design problems

3.1. food

3.1.1. lack of breakfast and lunch brief due to shortage of time important meal in terms of nutrition reduced concentration during the mornings/afternoon malnutrition low blood glucose concentration late breakfast

3.1.2. health care expensive waiting lists not always available

3.1.3. late dinner fat build up lead to diseases such as diabetes and cancer lack of exercise after the meal, due to the fact that the dinner is relatively late

3.1.4. water sanitation not enough water intake lack the resources to drink lack the time to drink water lack the awareness to drink water

3.1.5. unhealthy eating habits over-consumption of sugar or salt over-consumption of salt can lead to high blood pressures, and heart diseases over- consumption of sugar can lead to obesity over-consumption of lipid rich food build up of fat may lead to diseases such as cancer and diabetes

3.2. sleep

3.2.1. important for growth and stress relief

3.2.2. reduced sleep due to school or work increased stress reduced concentration damage the mental health