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ValueCentred Value Centred - Home by Mind Map: ValueCentred Value Centred - Home

1. What is ValueCentred

1.1. Promotes a purposeful approach to business for SME's

1.2. Builds a community of like minded purposeful businesses

1.3. Provides support and advice for businesses who are purposeful

2. Why SME's need to be ValueCentered

2.1. Business is getting more difficult and competitive

2.1.1. Technology lowering barriers to entry

2.1.2. Web increases buyer choice

2.1.3. Suppliers are increasingly going direct to clients aided by technology

2.1.4. Suppliers are merging to protect margins

2.2. Marketing is less effectively

2.2.1. 1000 emails for one lead

2.2.2. Days calling to get one meeting

2.2.3. Direct Mail beyond the budget

2.2.4. Social Media isn't free when you consider the costs

2.3. High failure rate of SME's

2.3.1. Large majority fail within 3 years

2.3.2. Most fail within 5 years

2.3.3. Success is often more a matter of luck than judgement

3. SME Issues for ValueCentred

3.1. Time frame for success - has to deliver now - they wont be there in 3 years.

3.2. Lack of resources - no money to invest in the project

3.3. Time resources - to busy to try something out

4. ValueCentred Proposition

4.1. What it is

4.1.1. People buy when they feel they get a good deal Staff invest their time Old thinking - they get paid/ benefits for their time and skills - New thinking - they get the opportunity to have a fulfilling life doing something they believe in Clients satisfy a want in exchange for money Old Thinking - do the best deal for the business you can now New Thinking - Help them to buy something that validates who they are as individuals Clients may be "Loyal" because they don't have a choice or too lazy to change Investors look for an ROI Old thinking - this is the only purpose of business New Thinking - purposeful investment in something they are interested in and believe in Share Holders (Owners) look for Profit Old Thinking - the business as machine to be sold as a franchise (EMyth) New Thinking - Owners have a purpose and vision (Why) which they achieve through their business

4.2. How does this work

4.2.1. Staff engaged in and working for your success Engaged Staff deliver 40% more productivity It costs less to retain staff than find new Recruitment cost Onboarding costs Periods of inefficiency

4.2.2. Marketing that works Talking to people who want to buy - instead of selling to people who don't Focus on your true believers not the whole world

4.2.3. Loyal Clients 5% increase in retention = 20% increase in bottom line profit Loyal clients find others like them Easier and less expensive to recruit Spend 14% more Less expensive to service No onboarding costs Don't have to discount heavily to get the business - pay full price

4.2.4. Supportive Community makes it easier and less expensive to recruit new clients - people buy from those they know like and trust Word of mouth works mire effectively and powerfully

4.2.5. Supportive investors Investors will be with your in the hard times Investors will see the long term rather than the next three months - investment in future productivity

5. ValueCentred so far

5.1. Mastermind and Mentoring

5.1.1. Along the Vistage model

5.1.2. Feedback - not another networking group! But would be interested in advice and support in making it happen

5.2. Community of true believers

5.2.1. Virtual Community online

5.2.2. Meet Ups To be arranged but these need to provide real content - not just nice chats and cups of tea

5.3. Website - resources for the community

5.3.1. Sources of funding for purpose driven initiatives Carbon Funding available for Not for Profits Funding available for hiring disadvantaged groups

5.3.2. Regular news showing how others are making ValueCentred work

5.3.3. Market Place - to deal with others in the community who share the Value Centred approach

5.3.4. Membership - based on achieving B Corp status and rights to display logo

5.4. Link with other communities

5.4.1. The purpose driven community is fragmented and needs to be brought together


7. What I want to get from todays meeting

7.1. Advice and Feedback on ValueCentred

7.2. Input and help with developing ValueCentred

7.3. Practical Next Steps