postal traffic

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postal traffic by Mind Map: postal traffic

1. is the regime that allows the importation of correspondence and parcels that arrive in the international customs territory, through the network of the official postal operator

2. requirements for importation: under this regime, only the national customs territory may be imported

3. restrictions Under this regime they will not be able to enter

4. 1. Coins, bank notes, bank papers, paper money or any other title value bearer and travelers checks

5. 2. Platinum, gold or silver, manufactured or not, rhinestones, jewelry, and other precious objects

6. 3. weapons, parts, accessories and components, as well as their ammunition

7. 4. product precursors in the elaboration of narcotics, narcotics

8. 5. Medicines not authorized by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection

9. 6. merchandise whose importation is prohibited

10. place to carry out the procedures: except for the payment of taxes, interest, sanctions, and salvage value when this is the case, all paperwork shall be carried out by the customs office of the merchandise, to the national customs territory.

11. verification procedure and delivery of information: the official postal operator, verify in its central classification the fulfillment of the requirements and restrictions established in articles 275-276 and send to the customs authority, by email the information contained in transport documents and manifesto of postal traffic

12. customs control, the day will adopt the selective review schemes of imported goods, by the official postal operator

13. 6. merchandise whose importation is prohibited in accordance with the provisions of article 182 of this decree

14. 3. Market over which there are no legal or administrative restrictions for their importation

15. 2. merchandise whose FOB value does not exceed USD 2,000 for each shipment

16. 1. mail correspondence with a weight not greater than 2 kg and parcels whose weight does not exceed 30, or up to 50 kg when they come from countries of reciprocal exchange

17. The postal postal official or postal operator must present the invoice, trade the document that accredits the operation, stating the value of the shipment sent under this regime.

18. The shipments must be accompanied by the document of the postal traffic, and the commercial invoice or the document that accredits the operation.