Odawa Native Friendship Centre

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Odawa Native Friendship Centre by Mind Map: Odawa Native Friendship Centre

1. The Urban Alternative High School Program

1.1. for students who have a challenging time in mainstream school OR

1.2. for students who have been out of school for a while

1.3. students must be between ages 16-19

1.4. high school credits earned through independent learning courses, taught courses, and Co-op

2. Cultural Awareness

2.1. provides many opportunities for the interaction of Indigenous and non-Indigenous persons

2.2. hosts an annual Pow Wow with traditional foods, crafts, and music. EVERYONE is invited and welcome

3. Healthy Living

3.1. offer programs for men, women, children, teenagers, and disabled adults

3.2. programs include sports, smoke-free promotions, yoga, golf, swimming lessons, boxing, and bootcamps

4. Family Support

4.1. supports families with children aged 0-6

4.2. holds weekly support circles

4.3. community kitchen access

4.4. toy lending library

4.5. emergency support services

4.6. counselling services

5. Community Justice

5.1. takes on the traditional Indigenous view of justice

5.2. delivers rehabilitation programs, therapy, counselling, and building up the person's identity of self as an Indigenous person

6. How are these services accessed?

6.1. By calling 613-722-3811

6.2. By emailing [email protected]

7. Their Mission

7.1. "To enhance the quality of life for Aboriginal people in the Capital region. To maintain a tradition of community, an ethic of self-help and development as well as to provide traditional teachings from our elders. These are important values we will continue to reinforce and promote in the coming years".