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Autism Canada by Mind Map: Autism Canada

1. Mission & Vision

1.1. Mission: Advocate for and support Canadians with Autism and their families.

1.2. Vision: That people on the Autism Spectrum have full, healthy, and happy lives.

2. Values

2.1. We value knowledge.

2.2. We value hope.

2.3. We value the individual.

2.4. WE value collaboration.

3. Services/ Programs

3.1. Information: early signs, characteristics, screening tools, history of Autism

3.2. Opportunities to donate and fund raise

3.3. Information on conferences and the ability to subscribe to the newsletter for ongoing information

3.4. Access to other resources; MedicAlert bracelets, videos, physicians handbook, ASD central (a forum for adults living with Autism to connect and ask questions)

3.5. Information on treatments: medical treatments, behavioral interventions, other therapists.

4. How are services accessed?

4.1. Social Media Outlets

4.1.1. Instagram

4.1.2. Linkedin

4.1.3. Twitter

4.1.4. Pinterest

4.1.5. YouTube

4.1.6. Vimeo

4.1.7. Facebook

4.1.8. Newsletter