Tony and Peggy Sue's Wedding David Vogt, Jess Molnar, Tobi Oyeleke

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Tony and Peggy Sue's Wedding David Vogt, Jess Molnar, Tobi Oyeleke by Mind Map: Tony and Peggy Sue's Wedding David Vogt, Jess Molnar, Tobi Oyeleke

1. Planning Jess

1.1. Rehearsal (15 days) Jess and Tony

1.1.1. Choose a date, time, and venue for rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (7 days) Tobi, Tony, and Peggy Sue Research and visit potential venues (8 days) David, Tony, and Peggy

1.2. Wedding ceremony (30 days) Peggy Sue and Tony

1.2.1. Choose a date, time, theme, and venue for the wedding ceremony and reception (14 days) Jess, Toby, and Peggy Sue Research and visit potential venues (16 days) Tobi, Tony, and Peggy Sue

1.3. Guest list (14 days) Tony

1.3.1. Compile a list of guests (2 days) Tony, Peggy Sue, Mildred, and Carmella

1.3.2. Gather email addresses, social media profiles, and phone numbers (10 days) Tony, Peggy Sue, Mildred, and Carmella

1.3.3. Prepare a seating plan (2 days) Tony and Peggy Sue

1.4. Bridesmaids and groomsmen (3 days) Peggy Sue

1.4.1. Determine the wedding party Peggy Sue and Tony

1.5. Dress and tuxedo (27 days) Peggy Sue

1.5.1. Find locations of wedding boutiques (1 day) Peggy Sue and Jess

1.5.2. Choose dress and tuxedo (25 days) Peggy Sue and Tony

1.5.3. Find tailor (1 day) Mildred

1.6. Honeymoon (2 days) Carmella

1.6.1. Book flight and hotel for the honeymoon Tony and Carmella

1.7. Wedding rings (5 days) Tony

1.7.1. Research jewelers in the area (4 days) Tony Have rings sized to fit the bride and groom (1 day) Tony and Peggy Sue

1.8. Wedding vows (21 days) Tony and Peggy Sue

1.8.1. Write wedding vows

1.9. Favors (2 days) Jess

1.9.1. Select and purchase wedding favors for guests David, Tony, and Peggy Sue

2. Wedding day timeline Jess

2.1. Pre-ceremony (1 day) Mildred

2.1.1. Stylist does brides hair and makeup Mildred

2.1.2. Stylist does bridesmaids hair and makeup Mildred

2.1.3. Photographer take pre-ceremony photos Jess

2.1.4. Wedding party arrives at ceremony venue Mildred

2.2. Ceremony (1 day) Mildred

2.2.1. Cocktail hour for guests Jess and Mildred

2.2.2. Ceremony commences Jess

2.3. Reception (1 day) Jess

2.3.1. Guests arrive and take their seats Jess

2.3.2. Wedding party makes their entrance, followed by the bride and groom Jess

2.3.3. Bride and groom greet guests Jess

2.3.4. First course is served Carmella and Jess

2.3.5. Best man and maid of honor make their speeches Carmella

2.3.6. Second course is served Carmella and Jess

2.3.7. Dancing begins Mildred

2.3.8. Mother and son dance Carmella

2.3.9. Bride and grooms first dance Tony and Peggy Sue

2.3.10. Bouquet and garter are tossed Mildred

2.3.11. Cake is cut by bride and groom then served Tony, Peggy Sue, and Jess

2.3.12. Dancing continues Mildred

2.3.13. Guests line up for sparkler farewell Jess

3. Rehearsal Tony

3.1. Rehearsal ceremony (1 day) Tobi

3.1.1. Bride, groom, parents, and wedding party practice timing of walking down the isle and taking position Jess. Peggy Sue, and Tony

3.1.2. Review wedding day timeline with everyone Jess

3.2. Dinner (1 day) Carmella

3.2.1. Father of the groom gives speech Jess

3.2.2. Food comes out Carmella

3.2.3. Give gifts to wedding parties Tony and Peggy Sue

3.2.4. Give gifts to parents Tony and Peggy Sue

4. Appointments Jess

4.1. Cake (5 days) Tony

4.1.1. Cake tasting Tony and Peggy Sue

4.2. Fittings (2 days) Peggy Sue

4.2.1. Fitting for wedding dress and tuxedo Peggy Sue and Tony

4.3. Venues (15 days) Mildred

4.3.1. Date and time of visits to potential venues Tony, Peggy Sue, Jess

4.4. Engagement photo shoot (3 days) Peggy Sue

4.4.1. Book photographer (1 day) Tony

4.4.2. Choose location (1 day) Peggy Sue

4.4.3. Choose attire (1 day) Peggy Sue and Tony

5. Finalized budget Peggy Sue

5.1. Ceremony (1 day) Mildred

5.1.1. Allocate $200 for ceremony location fees Tony and Peggy Sue

5.1.2. Allocate $120 for ceremony accessories Mildred

5.2. Reception (1 day) Carmella

5.2.1. $3000 for venue and rentals Carmella

5.2.2. $2000 for drinks Carmella

5.2.3. $1600 for bartenders Carmella

5.2.4. $500 for transportation Carmella

5.3. Vendors (1 day) Tony

5.3.1. Allocate $200 for officiant Tony and Peggy Sue

5.3.2. Allocate $1200 for photographer Tony

5.3.3. Allocate $1000 for videographer Tony

5.3.4. Allocate $1200 for DJ Carmella

5.3.5. Allocate $200 for musician Carmella

5.3.6. Allocate $2500 for florist decor and centerpieces Peggy Sue

5.3.7. Allocate $1500 for the bride's and bridesmaid's bouquets and the groom's and groomsmen boutonnieres Peggy Sue

5.4. Attire (1 day) Mildred

5.4.1. $200 for groom's tuxedo Carmella

5.4.2. $60 for groom's accessories Carmella

5.4.3. $1200 for bride's dress Mildred

5.4.4. $200 for bride's accessories Mildred

5.4.5. $200 for bride's headpiece and veil Mildred

5.4.6. $1200 for alterations Mildred

5.4.7. $200 for hair and makeup Peggy Sue

5.4.8. $1000 for wedding rings Jess

5.5. Miscellaneous (1 day) Tony

5.5.1. $2000 for hotel rooms Tony

5.5.2. $2000 for miscellaneous costs Carmella

5.5.3. $300 for favors Peggy Sue

5.5.4. $300 for bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts Peggy Sue and Tony

5.5.5. $1000 for DJT Tony and Peggy Sue

6. Vendors Tony

6.1. Food (14 days) Tony

6.1.1. Determine menu for rehearsal dinner and reception Tony, Peggy Sue, Carmella, and Jess

6.2. Music (7 days) Tony

6.2.1. Research and reserve DJ for reception (4 days) Tony, Peggy Sue, and David Research and reserve musician for ceremony Tony, Peggy Sue, and David

6.3. Flowers (7 days) Jess

6.3.1. Research florists (3 days) Jess, Peggy Sue, and Mildred

6.3.2. Determine the types of flowers for the bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and other decorations Peggy Sue, Tony, and Mildred

6.4. Photographer/videographer (2 days) Tony

6.4.1. Research and book a photographer (1 day) Tony and Peggy Sue

6.4.2. Research and book a videographer (1 day) Tony and Peggy Sue

6.5. Officiant (1 day) Peggy Sue

6.5.1. Hire an officiant

7. Wedding day checklist Jess

7.1. Confirmation (1 day) Jess

7.1.1. Need confirmation on dates and times from all vendors

7.2. Ceremony and reception sites (1 day) Jess

7.2.1. Ensure they are set up properly

7.3. Packing (1 day) Peggy Sue

7.3.1. Bride and groom are packed for their wedding day

7.3.2. Bride and groom are packed for their honeymoon

7.4. Gratuities (1 day) Carmella

7.4.1. Create tip envelopes with vendor names

7.4.2. Deliver final gratuities